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She donated the most sacred: her breast milk

Marcela Bayer had a premature baby in General Roca (Black River). While her son struggled to survive, she donated her
Stories of ordinary people
| 30 January, 2020 |

This is the story of Marcela Bayer, a Rionegrin and Rocan, who had themost solidarity gesture of his life. Despite having experienced the traumatic death of her son, this woman became an example of love and solidarity. With her breast milk donations, she made it possible for other preterm babies like yours to survive different situations.

The story of his life

Marcela was a nurse in 2014 at the Universidad Nacional del Comahue in Rio Nero. In 2017 she learned that she would be a mother and went through the pregnancy alone, as she did not manage to accompaniment the baby’s father.

When she was passing through the tenth week of gestation, a ultrasound revealed that her baby had Down syndrome and a malformation in the heart that put his life at risk. Despite the proposal of specialists to have a therapeutic abortion, the nurse decided to move on. For she, dismissing a child for having a disability was not an option.

A medical team from the San Lucas Clinic of General Roca (Black River) prepared to receive Leon taking into account possible complications. Marcela still remembers that he had been warned that the chances of life of your child. However, a week before the date was hospitalized to prepare (she and the surgical team) for the arrival into the world of your son.

Unfortunately, after ten months of fighting her in intensive care and six surgical operations, Leon died in February.


A heart of solidarity in the worst moments

At the San Lucas Clinic, Marcela became not only known, but also very dear. It’s just that, during all the months that her baby was hospitalized, she extracted liters of milk at the LactanCenter ca Maternalfunctioning at the Clinic. This was then sent to the Human Milk Bank of Cutral Hospital Co-Plaza Huincul to be pasteurized. The final destination was newborn boys and girls who could not be breastfed.

After Leon’s death, the nurse continued to donate her milk. However, there came a time when the situation overcame her emotionally and stopped extracting. In the words of this brave woman, “milk was the hope of seeing my son alive and then it was the life expectancy for the other moms who couldn’t give it to their children. Donating milk is as important as donating blood, donating organs. It’s the best gesture of love you can have for your child as for the rest of the children. One does not donate what it has left, donates love, gives life”, concluded Marcela very excited.


A thesis with your personal experience

Her soul of solidarity accompanied her since she was a girl. Marcela Bayer recalls the help that I gave daily to a companion who used crutches for a disability in his legs. Perhaps these stories marked her and led her to choose your profession,

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