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Living Poetry: Belu Rossi

24 years of poetry and love. Belu Rossi is a young woman from Cordoba who shares her perspective on the
Stories of ordinary people
| 06 February, 2020 |

La Belu”, as her friends call it, is poetry and love. He writes since he has been right and shares his writings only a few years ago. Ever since he started sharing them, he has received messages from people who are being called upon by their way of expression. His poems are pure art. He studied Master’s degree at the Institute of Aboriginal Cultures (ICA). And, in addition to being a student, Belu Rossi has a thousand more trades: poet, friend, sister, artist, traveler, and more…

In 2016 he published his first book, self-managed. She gave birth to her work with a lot of love and a lot of work. He disseminated it through social networks and fairs. In addition, the book came to different provinces, as online sales were a success. There is a madman is the title, and it is a compilation of poems that stand your skin. Her experience as a lesbian, militant and feminist led her to feel reality from a special perspective. In the form of resistance and visibility, his poems reach everyone in the form of revelation.

His second book was My Birthday Day I Always Cry. It was published in 2019 as a fanzine, in conjunction with other artists who assisted in the editing, illustration and printing of the work. It was a limited editionwork. However, each of his poems can be read on his social networks. Since he approaches his work from a collective and solidarity perspective.

belu rossi

Not just in the books

Today, Belu Rossi recites in bars and shares his writings accompanied by music played by fellow artists. With thousands of ideas and projects in his head, Belu continues his career as a poet. In addition, he spends his life collecting trips, links and stories to share. She has loves and friendships to discover, and invites us to accompany her on this journey through her writings. Belu shows us a little bit of his most intimate self. And it connects us to the essentials. His poetry also travels: on napkins, small paper boats, through the networks, in photographs and audiovisual productions. His poetry is movement, adventure and tranquility. It is a mixture of sensations that only Belu can explain to us.

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