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Gastón Iglesias: living in a small Santafecino village

The life of Gastón Iglesias, a man of a holy people who represents the idiosyncrasy of the town's littoral. Let's
Stories of ordinary people
| 10 February, 2020 |

Puerto Gaboto is a coastal town with 3200 inhabitants. Despite the fact that the people of this town do different activities, there is a large part of the population that has a long fishing tradition . “This is the smoke-free factory that takes new employees every day,” said Gastón Iglesias.

Gaston is a man of 32 year old, in love with the place where he was born and raised. He is a fisherman, hunter (especially ducks) , painter, mason and a little locksmith and electrician if the occasion It deserves. In addition to his multiple skills, he works in a farm house where does the maintenance of the park and the house. Life in these villages of Santa Fe , far from the cities, is not always easy because of the lack of opportunities. “Sometimes you have to pick them up because with a single salary is not enough and you have to be handsome and do what you I can. You can always get some changa,” Gaston said.

He is the father of a family with his wife Elvira and his son Tiago, who is very similar to him. Gastón plays in the football team Club Atlético Sebastián Gaboto and prepare all year round for the local super classic Gaboto vs. Maciel, the neighboring village, where you play all or nothing.

Classic Gabotero

One could say that this man is a “classic gabotero”: proud and scarce words, but very nice, frank and loyal in the deal. He does not seek the advantage, he is rather a serious and correct civilian. “Gaboto is everything for me, I love to travel, but after a while I need to go back to payments,” said Gastón Iglesias.

The public life of the village takes place in the main square, the street where the route ends and visits them from house to house, where the doors are unlocked and people can enter anyone’s house by simply patting their hands.

The gabotero in general is good and humble people, who are a little suspicious of the foreigner, but who are hospitable and open to sharing the table once they enter in confidence. Gastón is one of them and an exact replica of the typical village of hundreds of places of a santafecina idiosyncrasy that repeats along the coast of Paraná throughout the littoral coast.

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