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From selling on the street to having your own catering service

Analía Aramayo is a street saleswoman, but more than a saleswoman is a fighter. He went from selling humitas at
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| 18 January, 2020 |

Analía Aramayo is a 29-year-old young Salteña who discovered in the kitchen an opportunity to succeed. At the age of 23 she worked as an operator in a remisery, but at one point that she entered disappeared. “They stopped paying me and fired me without giving me anything,” said the young woman. She had debts and accounts to pay, and the only income she had had been truncated. This led her to become a street saleswoman.

Her sisters were already selling on the street on a street and Analía decided to go to that market. “I had no other, I had to go out and sell on the street,” said Analía. In addition, the Salteña recalled that the first investment came from a friend: “He lent me $500 that I used to cook humita”.

Complicated beginnings

The sale is not for anyone, and the sale on the street is hard. One can not be located near another seller or in the front, it is poorly looked at. The first days on the street with their humites were hard: “I didn’t sell anything.” But he decided to come back, day after day, and people played for their humites. He process to become a street saleswoman took her time and had her frustrations.

As sales took place, Aramayo improved its commercial speech and the relationship it maintained with its customers. She defines herself. as charismatic and knows how to take care of the bonds it establishes. Owners of houses of food and restaurants passed through their street stall and were amazed for the quality of their food.

The evolution of your production

Almost without thinking, Aramayo was selling wholesale to restaurants: orders required more production. In its beginnings, he grated the choclos by hand: today he was able to make an investment and does that process with a motor machine. Aramayo left the street and returned home to work from There. He did not leave the street out of contempt, the street has its value, because it is the one that provided him with the contacts and opportunities.

The street saleswoman lives next to her parents and three siblings, has nephews, and everyone has a working relationship with the kitchen. Aramayo’s culinary offer is not limited to humitas, it produces tamales, streams and prepares caterings for events.

The dreams of Aramayo

The street saleswoman is no longer such, but her spirit of overcoming identifies her with street sales. His dream is to be able to install his own restaurant in Salta and to continue his studies as a chef. The restaurant you dream about must have the possibility that each client can appreciate the unique and magical process of cooking.

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