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From Santiago to New Zealand

Emiliano Tde is a Santiago who, in search of a different experience, enrolled in a Work & Holiday that made
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| 23 January, 2020 |

Few know the story of Emiliano Tae. Its moment of maximum popularity for Argentines came in 2014. Tde was born in Santiago del Estero, like many children, his dream was to become a footballer. He started his way at Club Atlético Mitre, but he lived football as an activity of friends. He felt that he was missing something and began to study law, but academic could not satisfy him and Tae could not find his place.

Change of province had not generated anything in it, nor did the I move from football to studios. But Emiliano Tae found an opportunity that he found it interesting. He signed up for a Work & Holiday. This is a program where one can make a work or academic experience in other countries.

Tae’s fate was New Zealand. The change was great: without knowing English, the challenge was complicated. The first problem was having to fill out the New Zealand entry form. The start was hard, the activities that he did without knowing English barely enough for him to live. Your first task was a dishwasher in a restaurant. Gradually he was learning English, adapting to the New Zealand accent, and his ankle boots would give him a new opportunity.

Football was part of it, and I knew it. He took his ankle boots just in case, but there was something he probably sensed. Tae had a friend who took him to run a test at Wellington United. It’s an amateur club, but he accepted Emiliano Tae’s entry. Performance in semi-professional football made Auckland City set its eyes on him.

The jump to professional football

Auckland City is the largest football team in New Zealand, this represented an absolute change in the life of Emiliano Tae. Football from that country suits him, in Auckland alone almost 100 goals. A number that is far higher if we add up the ones he did in Wellington.

Become the most recognized club figure in New York Zealand radically changed his life. The conditions improved and had the opportunity to teach football in schools in that country. The most experienced great that gave football to Santiago was to play three World Championships of clubs.

Football led him to South Africa

Today Emiliano Tae is in South African football playing for Mamelodi Sundowns. A person who went out looking for a different experience, who at one point had to struggle to adapt while washing dishes, is now a New Zealand football figure.

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