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Faced with the advance of the pandemic: Cordoba’s creativity

The solution to all problems: Cordoba's creativity. We tell you the story of creating a new prototype of low-cost respirator.
Stories of ordinary people
creación de un nuevo prototipo de respirador
| 08 April, 2020 |

The pandemic brings to light our creativity and solidarity. In Rio Tercero, two technicians were the heroes of this pandemic. They started a non-profit project, which tries to help people with COVID-19.

It’s about the development of cyclists. It is a prototype created from other models. The purpose of this project is to have a second option, in case of missing respirators. First and foremost, for the pandemic: prevention, forecasting, planning and creativity in Cordoba. These cyclists are designed for use in extreme emergencies.

Cyclators will administer oxygen to patients who are victims of COVID-19if they do not have artificial respirators. That is why this contribution is very important. These technicians used the tools of their small workshop. Together with the knowledge acquired throughout their trajectory with machines and manual work, they succeeded. The invention was developed by Abelardo Oviedo, 41, and Mauro Provenziani, 35.

Cicla what?

These cyclists are “a source that feeds to a windshield wiper motor of a vehicle, transmitted by a pinion, crown and 110 cylindrical motorcycle chain, which transmits the movement to a cylinder made of PVC, which is a spout, with caps and valves,” according to the authors to the media.

The workshop, today, is prepared, producing at least 10 cyclists for the Provincial Health System. While they would not impersonate artificial respirators, they are a valid andnecessary alternative in case of emergency. Since its use is foreseen in view of a possible saturation of the health system. In addition, these cyclists are inexpensive, which makes them more accessible . Being a non-profit project, its creators make available the recipe for the invention so that other workshops can join the proposal. And don’t let the coronavirus catch us unsuspecting.

We have the creativity of Cordoba.

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