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Dona Mecha, at the age of 79, opened a picnic area

Receive about 40 people, mostly children with a cup of milk and something to eat.
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Recibe con una taza de leche y algo para comer a unas 40 persona
| 14 September, 2019 |

In difficult situations, the best of some people usually emerge. This is the case of Mercedes Brochero, “Doña Mecha”, as they know her in Río Primero (Córdoba), where she lives. At the age of 79, and faced with a dramatic social scene, he decided to open a picnic area which he called “United to see them” laugh.” Although it was recently operational, it already received some 40 people, mostly children.

For now, Mecha said, he opens it on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the goal is to make it work all week.

“ The idea is to give them a snack, especially on holiday. We also welcome older people,” he said.

The woman says that she has the support of many people, who collaborate with work or donations. That, he said, allows them to even bring the snack to the house to people who cannot approach the place.

The snack bar operates in the lounge of the club Los Canarios, an institution that Mecha presides over in the city of Río Primero, 50 kilometers from Córdoba capital.

A sentence of his whole point: “It is a great joy for me to be able to continue doing something for others”.

This is not the first time Mecha has carried out solidarity actions. For almost three years it was a transit home to ten brothers, with whom it still retains a bond.

In addition, he gave other signs of strength. When he was a great student, he wanted to study dressmaking, but to do so he was required to finish primary and secondary school. So he signed up for the night. When he finished, he studied sewing for three years and obtained the degree.

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