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By bride, and by train

After the church ceremony, Diego and Sandra decided to go to the hall where they would celebrate their wedding by
Stories of ordinary people
| 17 January, 2020 |

The dress, the church, the living room, the hairstyle, costume, invitations… Diego and Sandra’s wedding looked like just like anyone else. Except for one detail: to go from church to hall, they didn’t put a bow on a car. They took the Sarmiento train.

On Saturday night like any other, the passengers who were in the formation heading towards Moreno, in the west of Gran Buenos Aires, were surprised with something quite unusual. At Liniers station, a crowd boarded the train and the music exploded. A man in a suit was pushing a mobile speaker down the hall. Behind him, a row of guests, all dressed for partying, flooded the wagon. Suddenly she came: the bride in her white dress, her crown, her veil. And a brand-new husband, of course.

The celebration went viral through the passengers’ cell phones, who also went on to the celebration and danced with the guests. The party included the train and continued on the platform, with the street vendors.

But why did this newlyweds decide to celebrate their wedding on a train? Simple: they had that fantasy, and they brought it to reality. Instead of driving from the church to the hall, they decided to take the train, take away a different memory and, incidentally, brighten up the day for the people who were back home.

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