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Born to dance

At the age of 13, Lara Werbach already knows what she wants: dancing. He shows off in the Colón and
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Lara Werbach
03 January, 2020

We could say that Lara Werbach was born with an assigned mission: dance , and bring joy with her art to everyone who sees her. Originally from San Miguel (Buenos Aires), she is part of the dance body of Teatro Colón and finalist of the reality show Pequeños Gigantes , conducted by Susana Giménez – Yeah .

With an extroverted personality and a unique charisma, his movements drew the attention of a professor at the age of 8 years, when he accompanied his mom to a dance class. It was he who assured him that the Babe had even potential to reach the Columbus. And so it was.

Gradually, he began to get into the world of classical dance and prepare for that great challenge. He had four months of intense training and three auditions. Finally, he did it: today is part of the cast of the theater.

His daily routine is intense, but She enjoys it. He gets up every day at 4 in the morning to go to Capital. She is accompanied by her mother and her two siblings: Felipe, 7 years old, and Pedro, 2 years old. Your he dedicates himself to dancing: he takes classes in Colón and with different teachers. The day ends around 11 at night, when it comes to its house. Lara does not go to school: starting in fourth grade, she began to study in her home with private teachers and then gives all the subjects free.

All this effort, plus her innate talent, could be reflected in Susana’s program, where children and adolescents from all over the country show their artistic talents. Your dream? Reach the Royal Ballet of Russia, one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world.

Lara Werbach

Photo source: Rocío Bao Photography

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