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Against wind and tide

We tell you the life of Nancy Jaramillo, the country's first fishing captain. Like all history of the sea, it
Stories of ordinary people
| 18 February, 2020 |

We are in the middle of the twenty-first century and it is incredible that the sea remains the exclusive territory of men . Nancy Jaramillo’s story is the story of the country’s first fishing captain. But it also represents the struggle of so many women to be visible. In this case, at sea. Nancy is from Trelew, although today she lives in Mar del Plata and is in charge of “Erin Bruce”. His name is an example of vocation, perseverance and struggle.

At first everything went against wind and tide

Like many of the iconic women’s stories, this was not easy from the start. To use the slang of the sailors, everything went against wind and tide. Nancy’s family is from Paso de Indios. Her father is from Epuyén and she was born in Trelew, although she grew up in Puerto Madryn. At the age of 17 he had a son, took out his notebook out of necessity and started sailing. She was a sailor and traveled to Mar del Plata to serve as a fishing skipper, pilot and officer.

His vocation for the sea was not inherited. “In my family no one sails nor sailed. It was out of necessity, I had a baby. He’s Dad now. I got on a ship. and the years passed. We were a very humble family. We had a lot of needs. I was able to continue studying and moving forward,” he said. Despite being recognized as an excellent sailor, Nancy was rejected several times for being woman and mother. This happened to him both in the Argentine Navy and in Prefecture.


Breaking Myths

The sea has always been reduced by old traditions that have managed to avoid the advances of modernization. Nancy cannot forget that phrase she was told in Prefecture: “Women here were not and never will be.” Myths. The ships are full of them. For example, for old sailors, for those left, having a woman on board is bad luck. And it’s 2019! However, Nancy confirmed that “we have women in all fishing stalls. I know most of the women on board: nurses, chefs, cooks, machinists, machine officers. This is very hidden today.”


Stern Wind

Nancy Jaramillo has 24 years of experience. In 2017 she was received as fishing captain . During his career he encountered many obstacles. No boat hired her until she ran into the Erin Bruce. His boss, an American, did not hesitate to offer him a job. It’s just that in America there are more women captains than men. Today, Nancy is 43 years old and is the country’s first fishing captain. He directs the fate of 30 men on tides lasting between 30 and 40 days. The world is changing, on land and on gente/como-hablamos/le-mer-estebe-serene”

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