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Abel and his poster

Waiting at the traffic lights of the famous Mendoza road junction is a little more encouraging. Abel, the one with
Stories of ordinary people
Abel, el de los carteles con mensajes reflexivos.
20 November, 2019

More than one motorist was surprised at first when he arrived at the traffic light entrance to the City of Mendoza, so here we know as the road junction. It’s just that there were no jugglers, acrobats, salesmen or window cleaners. What you find when you reach the red light is Abel, showing a sign that every day has a different phrase , but with the same meaning: motivate.

An idea comes up

The beginnings of this particular idea have to do with the sense of solidarity that always accompanied Abel. By the way, he says: “We were coming from the United States with my wife, with the idea of improving things here, opening schools and canteens, and several projects. However, when I arrived in Argentina I was disappointed and entered into a kind of emotional lethargy that lasted for four years. Until one day, my nephew, Matthias, invited me to some of his touches, as he is a vocalist, and sang a song that, when I heard it, I realized he was talking about me. That left me with the wheels up. That weekend I spent my time thinking. Then on Monday I knew what I was going to do and I told my wife. To which he replied, ‘And, well, give it. ‘” In laughter, she clarifies that “she’s re used to my follies.”

The Manhattan posters, in his passage through the United States, were very useful to him. “Based on them I thought about the road knot, because there were many accidents there and I was always on everyone’s lips. I even got to see handstrokes . Then he knew he could produce a change there. But I never thought that people would receive it so fondly, and that it would go so far.”

A consolidated task

Our motivator confesses that he did not always stand in the same place: “It all started in the road knot, but for a few months I appeared in random places and gave others a joy. residents of Mendoza. ”

Inventiveness has no limits, so the phrases almost that do not repeat: “We try not to. In two years I’ve been there, there will be very few the times we repeat one. One that we do repeat, by the way, was the which said ‘Donate blood, donate organs, Donate life. ‘ But the phrases, usually, are mine.”

About the reception of people, there is for every taste. “The answers vary from super to insult me and yell at me to work. But I have constant work since 1983. Same, in general, the posters are very good received”.

On the end, Abel clarifies that some time ago he stopped going every day. “Now I go sporadically, or when someone needs something in particular. But remember, with something as simple as cardboard, fibron and words , you can change someone’s day , if not

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