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A professional roast

The Festival of Women Asadoras left us Marisa Fierro, the champion of the roast. Professional in the art of roasting
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17 December, 2019

The Festival of Women Asadoras is celebrated 6 years ago in the town of Marull. It is a small farming village 170 km from the city of Córdoba. There this tournament was born, and there it is held every year. And it leaves us a record of the female roast champions. Of 16 women, Marisa Fierro was chosen as champion. He made a little asadito suck his fingers.

Since 2015, this woman represents the province and its locality in different festivals of the asado. Their participation makes visible the need to open these tournaments to women. Being a woman and wanting to participate in these traditional celebrations as a competitor is not easy. It’s just that tradition says that the man goes to the grill, and the woman goes to the kitchen to make the side dishes. But no, sir. The reality of the camp says the opposite, and Marisa Fierro and her colleagues check it out.

Let’s hear it for the grill!

Marisa Fierro, with her gaucho panties and grill, gave them all the rag . And his goal is to wipe everyone out too. Her upbringing in Marull, in the countryside, made her grow in different aspects. He made her a strong, fighting woman. But, above all, barbecue. That is why today it is encouraged and competed even in spaces that were always occupied by men. And, in turn, it claims the Festival de Mujeres Asadoras, with the idea that it is an expanding movement and reaches many corners of Argentina.

These women rotissers generate strong bonds and companionship even during the competition. But, the moment they peel the potatoes, each one gives their best to reach the prize. In this case the effort of Marisa Fierro reached and left to leave the jurors happy. These evaluate a little of everything: the presentation of the table, the preparation of the grill, the preparation of side dishes, the cooking of meat, among others. And Marisa won points everywhere. Who could be a jury and try that roast! Marisa Fierro already has her degree of professional rib.

Marisa Fierro received the Champions Cup. Not just anyone, huh? We from here the we congratulate you. Proud of your fight and your roast.

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