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You want to see Lausse die? Go to Luna Park!

The ancestor of Ringo Bonavena and Muhammad Ali


bragging, controversial and controversial to the extent that they took away the Argentine and South American titles for misconduct, tell the chronicles of the era that promoted his fights by handing out flyers on Florida Street with the phrase that headlines this note.

With Lausse starred in bloody fights. Among them, the two who gave him and took away his titles. He tied and lost to Carlos Monzón and fought for the world title in Washington, 1967, with Bob Foster.

It was Andrew Selpa. The ancestor of Ringo Bonavena and Muhammad Ali in that of standing out in and out of the ring as a character.

Inside, doing bad for the public, who welcomed him with boos. He once simulated a fainting to escape from a mob of sautéed by a head-head that he applied to a local pugil. He fought under the influence of cocaine. He trained only a few days before each fight and won. He spent two years fighting as a professional in Paraguay. On the day of his retirement he let himself hit the KO, because he wanted to die. He conducted 217 fights. Yes, 217. His record was 136 (80) -51-30. He had a lethal trumpet and good technique.

Outside the ring he had a very difficult life. His mom abandoned him as a kid and rejected him when he was big. He worked since he was 6, and by 12 he was already fighting for money. He had contacts with drugs at various stages of his life. He was in prison three times. One of them, for shooting his sixth wife seven shots. He didn't kill her. He had six wives, nine children and fourteen grandchildren. Although he was almost illiterate, he wrote three books, two of them in prison, where he finished high school. He was friends with Borges and Peron. Maria Marta Serra Lima and Nélida Roca. He wrote his autobiography and a poetry to the great “Pichuco”. From the pension in front of Luna Park, they threw him out all the time. And all the time he came back. He was good to the good and violent when he was on drugs or drunk. He went from millionaire to beggar in hours, spending on the casino, prostitutes, drugs and bad company, which he paid for his fights. He was interned three times at the Borda. He was smart and educated. He died on 23 January 2003, at 71, loved by some of his children, forgotten by others, and poor.

Publication Date: 11/02/2019

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