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Women's football opens opportunities for women

A group of journalists, driven by the advancement of women's football, have established themselves as the first group of women to report football matches.


Victoria Marín,Belén FerrettiandPaula Escaleraare the first women to make up a team to report football matches in Jujuy. They reported the final of the Jujuy Cup of women's football and the match between Gimnasia de Jujuy and Instituto de Córdoba for the B Nacional.

Commentator Marín comments that entering journalism sports was complicated. “At first my opinion was always judged only by to be a woman,” he said. His passion overcame prejudices and was able to take a place leading.

Ferretti makes “playing field” and told that, since girl, Watch football. Hardly received journalists friends gave him some spaces. This made Ferretti write more and go more to the court. “I took a lot of trust, I grew up, I learned to comment and play field,” said the notera. Taste for activity overcomes the bad moments that should be spent being close to the swollen and getting screams.

Escalera is Jujuy's first female rapporteur. “In 2018 I started to tell and from there came the idea of forming a team of all women,” he said. Her first experience was in a Zapla match, this encouraged her to go for more and received the support of the people.

Women's football increases, but other prejudices continue

Marín recounts that their entry into journalism was a struggle against rejections and closed minds. She adds that this was made possible thanks to the struggle of women. “Now there are girls who transmit security, independence. Prejudices continue, but they are less and less,” he said.

The commentator had a complicated step through a club. “I worked in Gymnastics, we couldn't get close to the players because they thought wrong,” he recounted. He also added: “A technician put a limit on me once, he did not accept that there is a relationship between women and men within the club.” This prevented she could do her job quietly, without intending to get into no one's personal life.

In this regard, Ferretti said: “They ask you what we do on the court or they send us to do other things.” The nother realizes that this changes over time as more and more girls are on the court.

The gap still exists and is big


Jujuy Women's Football League has been in Jujuy for five years. This year there are 16 teams and in each season they add more. Growth came along with sports achievements: the girls of the Jujeño women's soccer team win ronNOA Regional Tournament. The UNJU football girls have achieved a three-time champion of the University Regional.

But missing inclusion: “The girls of the selected were pay the trip alone to compete in the national competition, do not receive a helps and they have to sell bonds,” Marín said. The sponsors should look for them. them to reduce costs, and in competition must also pay the service of the referees. In Jujuy there are two technical directors, one in the club El Carril and another in Talleres, also line judges. They are in the local leagues of men's football and referrals that do the same in women's football.

Publication Date: 22/12/2019

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