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Will hearts hold?

Theme of the week: the superfinal.

If I, who am neutral, (as I once think I have said, but in doubt I repeat it: I am a fan of Atlanta, of the glorious Bohemian Villa Crespo); I said, if I, who am neutral, have a handle that I can't stand, I don't even want to think about how the fans of River and Boca will be, just hours from the most important match in the history of the two most important clubs in the country. The other day I was arguing with a friend, who told me that matches for Intercontinentales (or what today would be the final of the club world cup, which is the same but with more bureaucracy) are more important. I don't think so. Was it important for Boca to beat Madrid or Milan? Obvious. For River, the feat of 86 even more because it's the only one they have. But I'm sure both fans, if I asked him if they'd be willing to give up an Intercontinental in exchange for winning Saturday, they'd say yes. An Intercontinental and a kidney.Well, for those fans, I have some news to keep the case up to date. Both news would be given in the hypothetical event that the 90 minutes end tied (I think everyone already knows, but I clarify for the doubt that there is no visitor goal in the final). First novelty: if they reach the supplementary both teams will be able to make one more change. I remember an interview with Bilardo in which he said that many times the supplementaries do not win them neither tactics nor the quality of the players nor the concentration: they are won by the fitness coach. I'm not a Bilardist, much less, but I admit the guy knows. And in this one it is quite possible that he is right. The question is: which player do you put into the lengthening? Mark and containment or one that explodes upstairs and takes advantage of the fatigue of the opposing defense? Guillermo and Gallardo will know better than me.The other news: in the penalties there will be VAR. What can be assessed with VAR in a penalty? The obvious is the goalkeeper's overtaking. Now, that law is a bit lax: although the regulation is clear, it is not usually charged. And if he's going to start charging, I suspect they should train differently. It is not the same physical gesture that of jumping to the side taking a single step as that of jumping forward giving two or three and trying to keep the referee not punish him. Is this the right occasion to innovate right on that issue? I really don't know. Anyway, I suspect that if they get to the penalties, the least thing is going to have in his head the goalkeeper is going to be the VAR. What anxiety! Let it start now!

Publication Date: 23/11/2018

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