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Who is the player who gave up Las Leonas?

The quarantine sat him right to stop the boccha and consider some personal aspects. This is the player who gave up Las Leonas.


 Mendoza Priscila Jardel put an early end to her career in the Argentine field hockey team. Citing “personal motives,” the 24-year-old forward  uploaded a letter to her Instagram account. Thus, the player who gave up Las Leonas will be able to continue playing in her current club,   River Plate .

 Your career 

Jardel started playing hockey at  age 6 in Los Tordos , a club located in  Guaymallén , Mendoza. Over the years, his talent became evident and he began to participate in selected ones. First the Mendoza, and then the national. Finally, his chance came in Las Leonas, after years of rallies in Buenos Aires, away from his family and things. For a couple of years he wore the jersey of the national team.  In March, he even participated in the tour that the team made for Oceania, within the framework of the Pro League.  

 The letter 

Priscila made her resignation public through a  letter she posted  to her Instagram account. Bluntly, he begins, directly, announcing the decision: “ With this publication I want to tell me that I made the decision to resign  Las Leonas  ,” the statement states.

Then, the forward acknowledges that during the coronavirus  confinement  , he had time to think and question some things in his life: “ The quarantine helped me reflect on my life,  and I was able to realize that I wasn't quite right with myself.” Whereas, if we look for some reason in the letter, we find the following phrase: “At this moment I move away from selected  to prioritize myself as a person and seek to enjoy  hockey  and my life to the fullest.”  

It's just that Mendoza is retiring from the national team, but not from hockey. In fact, it will continue to do so in River, in Los Tordos or some European team. “Obviously,  I'm going to keep playing and I have new  projects   that make me very happy, but I wanted everyone to know that it's a decision that I'm very happy and happy with.”

And she closes, “I thank you all for your messages and for your support.”

 The response of your companions 

This player who gave up Las Leonas was not one more on the squad. On the contrary, she was very dear and valued by her companions. This was demonstrated by  Julieta Jankunas  on her Instagram account, where she dedicated a couple of stories with photos and phrases like: “ I'm without words. We started being companions from the inside and you ended up being the person who knows me perfectly . (...) We went through each one, friend. You're my family, know it.” But, in addition, Jankunas recognizes the  perseverance  of Mendoza: “And if I learned anything from you, it is not to lower your arms. To keep padding it, that when things don't go as you want, you have to go on.”

 The Mendoza Lionas 

Already without Jardel in the team, the women's national hockey team lists   Silvina D'Elia, Marina Scandura and Delfina Thomé  , in terms of Mendoza. The team continues to work remotely as a result of the quarantine and prepares for upcoming competitions.

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Publication Date: 14/06/2020

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