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What did they come out for?

To know how to play with the rules is also to know how to play.

Obras beat Boca 109 to 108 on Monday in Núñez for the last date of the Super 20 group stage. The outcome of the game generated a lot of controversy. What happened? Let's see. The context before the match was as follows: there were two places left in the group for qualification and three teams fighting for those two tickets to the next phase: Obras, Boca and Ferro (which before the match we're talking about had already lost to San Lorenzo). In order to pass, Boca needed a victory by more than six points, otherwise Obras was able to pass to the round of 16. In the final seconds of the match, Obras loses by 2. In what can be nothing but a misunderstanding of the situation, draws. Why a mistake? Because if he let it end 72 to 74 against, he managed to qualify (Boca did not reach the 6 points advantage he needed). In the end of the first supplementary, the blue and gold team won 93 to 92, a result that did not serve him for the aforementioned. And here begins the controversy: they decide to commit a foul to generate that Obras has a free kick and draw. Núñez's team gets the first one and misses the second one. Then Boca also has two free throws to win it, but as it didn't suit him, he makes a mistake and generates the supplementary second. At the end of this supplementary second, Boca is 106-105. Obras is given two free throws, they put both in and 107-106 are left, there Boca puts in a double: 108-107 in favor. But, as we already explained, this result is not enough, so they decide to commit 4 technical faults in a row for Works tie and look for a third additional. Works, now yes reading the game with precision, shoots to err the 4: losing by one passed. Finally, after a scene from Almodóvar, Boca gives him the chance to play Obras, which gets two free throws. Instead of shooting to miss, and losing but passing of phase, they play it and they become both: if they won they not only qualified but they were better positioned in the group. The discussion revolved around whether they came out to win or not. I think so: both were intelligent teams and knew how to play with the rules: Boca sought to get a draw that would give an extra to look for the difference in points needed to avoid the playoff and Works, in the end, missed the free throws to avoid the draw that gave Boca a chance. But at the same time, when he had the chance to win it with two shots, he did it. I want to emphasize that not all athletes know how to "play with the rules", and it is something I admire and it gives me satisfaction to see in any sport.

Publication Date: 25/10/2018

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