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Walter Luna: a hope for Cordovan football

Walter Luna is one of the personalities of Cordovan women's football that makes this discipline grow. And it helps us dream, believe and create a better football.


Walter Luna is the head coach  of the Women's Racing de Córdoba First Football . His life is football; his passion, the ball; and his dream: the national team. However, with all those desire to shine, it does not reach. Walter tells us that the conditions of women's football in Cordoba are terrible. That, although they vary from club to club, the reality of the players is very hard. Although the coaching staff gives everything, most of the time, clubs don't provide resources. That is why, many times girls are banking workouts on dirt street. Sometimes they use roommate cars or DT as locker rooms. And they must even continue to pay their club fee, even winning drinks. Now, without reservation,  women's football plays  seem to be increasingly difficult. But they're still there, at the foot of the canyon, to grow this discipline.

Walter Luna is one of the  key personalities  of Cordovan women's football. Today he runs the inferior and the First of  Racing . With a claw and heart, Walter gives the best to his  football chicks , who follow him everywhere. Your team is your pride. And the effort, your flag. As a coach, he shows that what counts within the court are values and  self-improvement . As a human, he accompanies the team to grow more and more and learn along with them.

    Walter-luna-coach teamWalter-luna-

An impeccable path

Walter Luna is DT, coaching, is trained in emotional intelligence and graduated from the National University. With an impeccable career, he decided to train with the celeste y blanca of  the women's league . And this decision brings a thousand obstacles. Today the reality of women's football is a time bomb. In recent years it was growing, and many leagues throughout the country decided to bet on this sport. However, the Cordovan League was left behind.  Córdoba doesn't have a provincial team  to aspire to yet. We're all worried about this. Above all, the technical corps of women's teams, and the players.

 A selection for Cordoba 

That's why Walter Luna  put on the ten  once again: he launched a provincial selection project. Along with a sports table that hopes to consolidate a Cordovan team, they are  putting his heart  into this project. The sports table consists of psychologists, psychologists, DT, kinesiologists, and more. Many  professionals at the disposal of the growth of women's football . People who leave everything for a common dream. Who work day and night to achieve what our players deserve:  the jersey of the National Team .

Because a provincial team is not just an opportunity for players to go further. To aspire to the professionalization of your sport. It is the possibility of making our  Cordobeses talents visible. That's why not stop training. It is the pride of having a team that represents us nationally. That is why, with Walter, and together with the sports table, we support this provincial team project.

Come on, you guys! Come on, Cordoba! This project has to be won.

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Publication Date: 25/01/2020

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By: Lucas pautasso 30 January, 2020

Negro Querido !! Seguí así !! Abrazo Grande!!

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