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Vicky Miranda, Cordoba Leoncita

We tell you the story of the first lioness riocuartense of history. Vicky Miranda, a little glory for the blue and white.

At the

age of 19, Vicky Miranda holds the title of“first riocuartan lioness” in history. And it's not too small. He was born on June 5, 2000 and, since he was able to put his feet on the court, he did not stop training. This player doesn't make up for anything and goes for everything. Luckily, today, your effort pays off . The selection takes her into account as one of the key players.

He currently serves as a steering wheel at the Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires, of CABA. However, his first steps with the stick and the bocha were taken at the Club Universidad de Río Cuarto. To whom he thanks for his career.

At the time of receiving the call for the National Team, Vicky was already crazy. It was always his dream to play for the blue and white. And he got it . The lioness has a roar with toned, and the representative claw of the women's national hockey team. So far, 2018 was the year that most alluded to her name: Victoria. It was three gold medals that he received in that year . The Pan American Youth Mexico, the Cochabamba South American Games and the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. All these tournaments ended with the bream hanging. However, the fight continues. Vicky doesn't give up and trains side by side with her classmates.

A episode with pure claw

This sportsman was born with pure claw. The episode that made her famous, in addition to her medals, was illustrative of how Vicky behaves on the court. The Cordovan was disputing the gold with her lioness companions. It was in a match against India, which was being hard to get. Vicky Miranda was slapped by one of her rivals, who left her lying on the court with a cut in her jaw. After the blow, he got up and kept playing . He ended up celebrating a 3-1. And celebrated Argentina's victory at the Youth Olympics. “ Now I'm about to score a few points, but I have the gold medal hanging,”were Vicky's statements .

Of course, he received recognition awards in his province. She was awarded as a Cordovan of the Year and captain of Las Leoncitas . Today, together with Juli Jankunas, they are the most admired lionesses for the city of Fernet and beer.

Vicky Miranda

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Publication Date: 30/05/2020

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