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Shame is something else

The real problem must make us all think about it, because it happened in Chile, but it would not be crazy if it would have happened in Buenos Aires.


San Lorenzo played against Chile's Temuco in a rough match for the Copa Sudamericana, in which both played badly. But once again, in football on our continent, the main theme was not on the pitch.The problem started in the first leg, in which Temuco won 2-1, but Conmebol won it 3-0 to Cyclone because there was an error in the inclusion of a player in the Chilean team. A usual sanction in such cases. In Chile he also won Temuco, but only 1-0, so the overall was 3-1 in favor of Boedo. Okay. That's what happened in football and administrative terms. But the real problem, which should make us all think about (because it happened in Chile, but it wouldn't be crazy if it would have happened in Buenos Aires) is other.Everything came to know when a journalist asked Nicolás Navarro, the Cyclone goalkeeper, if he wasn't ashamed about the way in which he had beenan classified. And there exploded the Argentine player: “Shame is what we have lived since we arrived in Chile.” What did they live? The local swollen threw stones and coins throughout the match, when the goalkeeper asked for the police presence to protect his safety, he never appeared. He also asked the referee to intercede, and he was again ignored. Finally, he almost begged Temuco players, football colleagues, who didn't do anything to change the situation either. In addition, they did not have available premises for pre-match training, the hotel tried to cancel reservations 48 hours before the squad arrives, and even opened the face of a stone to the physical trainer of San Lorenzo. This kind of thing shouldn't happen in our football. I insist, once again, that I say “ours” because it could have happened in Argentina. Only this time it was Chile.

Publication Date: 06/09/2018

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