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Undefeated in the South American U14

He defeated as a visitor to Brazil by 65-47 and was consecrated Undefeated Champion. Spectacular performance by Lucas Giovannetti, author 28 points, 16 rebounds and 6 caps.

Wearing the national team shirt for the first time should not be an easy thing. Nerves, anxiety and a large share of responsibility can have a full impact on the performance of 14-year-old boys. It was not the case for the team led by Diego Lifschitz. That with a sensational performance, he was consecrated undefeated champion of the South American U14. Beating the host in the final by 65-47.

Argentina swept the tournament, with a record of five wins, no losses, and an average difference of 42 points. As in four of their five performances, the national cast was never at a disadvantage in the title match. He rounded off a spectacular performance with several high points at the individual level.

Sportivo Escobar's escort Lucas Giovannetti was the great figure of the meeting. At the end with 28 points, 16 rebounds and 6 caps. In addition to a striking maturity to manage the rhythm of the game and respond in the most difficult times. Juan Respaud scored 15 points with 10 rebounds and 5 robberies. While the intern Tiziano Prome added 8 units with 7 boards, 4 of them offensive.

The meeting

After an excellent start of the match, where he came to take 10 advantage of a solid defensive task, the host reacted and approached on the scoreboard. Argentina, which had dominated the first quarter by 15-5, saw its difference shrinking. Until you go to rest in front by 30-26.

In the second half, Brazil tried a zonal defense that generated complications in the national offensive. The place collapsed every time the boys wanted to attack the painting. And the effectiveness of three points played them a bad pass. However, the impeccable collective work on the defensive side kept them ahead.

In the last quarter, Argentina found him around the area. And with a Giovanneti who took over the actions, the attack improved, the spaces appeared and the hoop opened. On the close of the match, Brazil came out desperate to seek the comeback. Giving away many gaps that Diego Lifschitz knew how to take advantage of. To stretch the lead and close the game with a partial 24-11.

In the first international litter experience, Argentina climbed to the top of the podium. Obtaining his second title in the three editions of the South American U14. After the championship achieved in 2015 in Paraguay.


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