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Tribute to Mercedes Sosa on July 9

Renowned artists will gather to pay tribute to the immense Tucuman singer Mercedes Sosa on her birth day.

Homenaje a Mercedes Sosa

Leon Gieco, Victor Heredia, Liliana Herrero, Alejandro Lerner, Pedro Aznar, Lito Vitale, Piero, Peteco Carabajal, Julia Zenko, Orozco Barrientos, Franco Luciani and Bruno Arias will animate a tribute to the remembered singer Mercedes Sosa. It will be July 9 from 16 at the Teatro Ópera in Buenos Aires.

The tribute will be the day when the interpreter would turn 84 and on the way to a decade after her death. The cast will gather to shape “Por ella Sing, Our Tribute to Mercedes Sosa”.

The concert will take part in the musicians who formed the last formations of “La Negra”. With piano and direction by Popi Spatocco, Colacho Brizuela on guitar, Carlos Genoni on bass, Ruben Lobo on drums and Beatriz Muñoz on vocals.

The July 9th show is organized by the Mercedes SosaFoundation. The proceeds will be to the full benefit of the entity.

Mercedes Sosa died at the age of 74, on October 4, 2009, of renal dysfunction. He was born in Tucumán on Independence Day in 1935. She was a descendant of Calchaquis, daughter of a sugar worker and a laundress.

Sneaking away from her parents, a young Mercedes won a radio contest for novice singers. In 1962 he released his first album, “La voz de la zafra”. Prefiguring what the New Songbook Movement was going to be.

Then the story is better known. Drammed by popularity and some memorable records, it was censored by the last dictatorship. He had to exile in Europe, where he continued his work with great Latin American figures of the song. After his return to Argentina in the 80s his sound dared to tango, jazz and rock.

His last work was “Cantora: un viaje intimate” (2009), in which he performed 34 songs in a duet with Latin American artists.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 02/07/2019

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