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Train and lead, a mission for few

Playing with words can be dangerous, but what is the difference between the “best and most “important” to form the best team?


Having the best  players  makes it possible to quickly approach success, but it does not guarantee it, because the important thing is to have the  best team , and this is where the  sapience ,  criterion  and common sense  of a sports leader are put to the test.The knowledge inherent in his specific role as a coach is not so important, but the transcendent facts that he motivates, shoots and produces, often extraordinary and unique.

 Training systems  are more sophisticated every day. Empiricism has openly yielded to the advancement of technology in the field of sports performance. Drones, cardio tachometers, GPS, application software and a wide range of aid, are tools that no modern self-respecting  trainer  can ignore. However, this should never stop ignobing that leads  humans  with feelings and emotions, which will undoubtedly affect their performance.

Interpersonal relationships, with players, leadership, journalism, the public, even within their own team, are  dynamic factors  that in one way or another were, are and will be more or less influential determinants in the final result. And this is where no technology can supply the innate or acquired ability of one leader to generate in the other enthusiasm for their own vision.

It is the application concepts and fundamentally the way of acting the leader that ultimately will end up molding or not in the excellence of the player and the  team . Training in the gym, track, court or field with the most important contribution of science will surely forge the “outstanding athlete”, but the “champion” will emerge under the tutelage of someone who knew how to see and act beyond any training system.

Although the digital world and big data invade all areas, including sports, it will be comprehensive  communication  , sapience to solve crises, empathy, some of the conditions as or more valued than knowledge of tactics and strategies. So, paradoxically, the ability to transmit and manage with equipment is increasingly important in the age of technology. “Soft skills” today play a decisive role in building a successful group, and while training helps, the best way to convey such skills is to make them part of a general context.

Hence, today the  positive results  for many coaches seem to be an exclusive consequence of the application of science through the “hard skills” developing and applying the variables of technical, tactical, physical training, etc., added to talent staff that can provide you with each. However some of those who lead go further, contributing ideas to the development of the individual and the team and there are very few who realize that the most surprising results usually occur when certain  values are also involved, it is there then that appears in all its dimension a leader.It is evident then that technology, medicine and science in general provide us with innumerable elements, variability of training methods, ideal infrastructure, rich logistics, etc., which make the possibility of achieving individual and high-level joint skills very feasible; up to that point.iacute; the preponderant level of the scientific method is undeniable, but is it enough to endure and transcend in time a player or a team? What are the factors that will give you the possibility to become part of the history of your  sport ? ... possibly will be actions that go beyond a playing field and that society glimpses, appreciates, constances and even prides itself: the values that commit that individual or group.
 To excel  and bring the player and team to success, a coach is not enough today - never enough - with excellent information, he must undoubtedly also possess a proper “training” based on criterion, common sense,  passion , sustainable concepts and the emotional transfer of their own vision.

Prestige and Fame

These are two terms that precisely, often, are confused as synonyms when we want to qualify someone. It is possible that on some occasions both  are combined in the same person , but nothing better than value as “prestigious” those who transcend for their sporting achievements -or also scientific, artistic, educational, humanist-, but always framing these results in a series of values that make them unique, historical and also exemplifiers for  society . The “famous” coach will narrow his action to a personal result, often winning and recognized mediatically, but without any beating legacy for the society or medium in which he unfolds.
When we read and hear about  leaders  - trade unions, businessmen, politicians, sports, etc. -, one may wonder if there is a reference to individuals, who, beyond a punctual activity of driving based on performances, are generating an area of generous growth and altruistic values in your environment?, or are they simply famous that circumstantially occupy the vertex of an organization?.
Hence, in this fast-paced and competitive modern world, we must know how to differentiate between successful and famous administrators, managers and coaches, or authentic prestigious leaders.

Publication Date: 28/11/2020

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