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Top 10 scorers

We present you the official ranking of the top 10 scorers of Argentine football. With surprises and names that don't fail.

We present the official  ranking  of the top 10  scorers  of the  Argentine football . With surprises and names that don't fail.

10. “The  Viceroy .” Carlos Bianchi was  Velez 's top gunner. He played in two periods in “El fortin”. 206 goals in 324 matches. More than 1 goal every 2 matches. National 68 champion.

09. Barnabas Ferreyra. Also with 206 goals. Those who were lucky enough to see him say he hit him so hard, he broke nets. In fact, they called him “  Rufino 's mortar.” Because of his power and because he was born there. His purchase from  River  to Tigre, in 35,000 pesos was the most expensive in the world at that time. Hence, the nickname “Millionaires” to River.

08. Oscar “Pinino” More. Another one from River. From its 1.65 meter, it shone in the 1960s. Combined talent with impressive speed for the time, thanks to a very large leg power. So, too, he hit the ball very hard. He nailed 215 goals and 198 of them went to “La gang”.

07. “El Beto” Infante. Member of the famous Estudiantes forward, along with Negri, Arbios, Pelegrina and Gagliardo. 217 goals for the first surprise of the list. And the curiosity of having finished his career in “El Lobo.”

06. “The baby” Sanfilippo. 226 goals. Explosive inside the court and outside (remember his passage through controversy in football). Wear the blue colors of San Lorenzo in the 1950s.

Top 5 scorers

05. “The Titan.” No introduction needed. 227 goals. A lot of them, mythical. The penalty with both feet for selection. The agonizing goal that qualified us to the 2014 World Cup. The one he did to River when he got back from the injury. The head to Velez from the middle of the court... I thought it was higher on the board, actually.

04. Manuel Pelegrina. Another surprise. And also from “El pincha”. 40s. 231 goals for the club's top scorer and one of those with the most presences.

Podium of scorers

03. Herminium Masantonio.  Hurricane 's crack. One jump on the table, 256 goals. 254 of them, with the coat of “El  balloon “, between 31 and 43. In '44 he played for Banfield and got the other 2 in. He retired in 45, at age 35. A feat for the time.

02. Angelito Labruna. “The Ugly” scored his 293 goals playing exclusively for River. He's the top scorer in  super classics . They say he was slouched inside the area and it couldn't be a goal. His great particularity is that he scored all those goals and was not number 9. He was playing what was later known as “10.” The predecessor to the “hitch” of our day. Tremendous crack.

01. Stand up, gentlemen. To receive number one. Arsenium Erico. As his name would predestine it, deadly in the area. 295 goals. All with the “El Rojo” shirt, between 34 and 46. He was Paraguayan and made his debut in Argentina at 19. Nothing usual for the time. For now, the largest in Argentine football, is Paraguayan. The country of great defenders. That's irony.

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