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This team was “saved” thanks to quarantine

Not everyone lost to the pandemic. Students of Concordia spared relegation in the National Basketball League thanks to quarantine.


Specialists agree that this is the worst of all pandemics that ravaged mankind. Perhaps not because of the number of deaths, but because of the impact it has generated globally on the people. At what point in history, half the world lived paws inside the house? When, overnight, millions of human beings had to change their routines, all thanks to quarantine?

True, there are people who may feel more or less comfortable in this strange isolationsituation. However, few have improved their situation as a result of it. Well, in Entre Ríos, there's a basketball team that was “saved” by the quarantine bell.

Unlike what happened in the Argentine League and the Federal Tournament, the National Basketball League decided to complete its season. This means that once the quarantine is lifted, teams must continue to play the matches to define the LBNchampion. The good news for Concordia Students is that they will only play the top of the table. That is, those who are in a position to reach the top of the championship. But the real news is even better: the confirmation of the cancellation of the descents. For Students, there's no need to throw another ball in the hoop. Thanks to the quarantine he managed to stay in the category.

The worst of campaigns

The entrerriano club can now breathe calmly, after passing through the worst of its 7 consecutive campaigns in the LBN. Before the break of the championship, Estudiantes de Concordia was in the penultimate place on the table. With 7 wins and 20 defeats, it was the only team that did not win any away matches in their 12 performances. Thus, it seemed that only a miracle could prevent the descent of the Concordians. They say that the “Lord” works in mysterious ways, although in this case we might think something different happened. At least for this Entrerrian basketball team, who, thanks to the quarantine, continues to hold its position today.

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Publication Date: 10/05/2020

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