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They also have the ball.

Juliana Rodriguez always loved playing ball. In 2014 and at the age of 20, she became the first female DT in Argentina.

Juliana Rodríguez

Although he was born in Allen (Black River), he lived many years of his childhood in Trelew and Comodoro Rivadavia. At only 8 years old, he began playing football in a men's team. At that time, women's teams and girls in charge of the ball were not so common.

The love for this sport was passed on by his father. At the time, he was sports manager of the Allen's Children's Activities. They were in those first family games, and in those father-daughter routines, where he started this sports road.

In Comodoro he played for CAI (Children's Activities Commission), the Patagonian hotbed of established players. There he was part of a team. mixed, and companion of Sergio Romero and Pitu Barrientos.

The big leagues

At the age of 12 she was “signed” by River when she played a futsal game in Trelew, and began her career as a professional player. Two years later, Coco Torres (trainer of most football players) encouraged her to land in Europe.

The first three years he played in Barcelona as a “hitch”. Then he joined the staff of Sevilla Fútbol Club, and there he stayed playing seven and a half years. At the age of 21, a patellar tendinitis “left her standing” for a while, and decided to start studying. Her dream of being a player had already achieved it, and now she was going for the title of technical director.

His return to Argentina

The need for family affection and tranquility led her to return to Argentina. So, when he returned, he began to study the career of National Football Management in Buenos Aires. Simultaneously, he joined the squad of San Lorenzo de Almagro.


the age of 24, she became one of the few women in the Argentina in owning the qualifying card to occupy the position of DT. In the 2016, was national news as she became the first woman to direct a School of Technicians of Argentina and perhaps the world. There in General . Roca, assumed the position of director of the School of Technical Directors of Football “Enrique Ezequiel Borrelli” (ATFA).

Beyond the ball

This new path, that of teaching and leadership, gave Juliana great satisfaction. She was the organizer of successful congresses with the participation of congressmen from all over the country. It was also a cover for national print media, and was on programs of central channels, such as Telefé Noticias.

Their growth and recognition do not cease to surprise. A few days ago, she was invited to an International Congress held in Montevideo (Uruguay) to discuss women's football. Great female figures in world football (Spain,

Publication Date: 15/11/2019

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