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Sector to honor Los Pumas

A recognition to all who have dressed the National Rugby Team jersey. It will be an exclusive sector in each match.

As part of the 120th anniversary of the Argentine Rugby Union and as a recognition for all players who have dressed the Los Pumas jersey, the institution inaugurates #SOYPUMA. An exclusive sector in the local matches, both Jaguares and Los Pumas.

Each Puma will have a unique and non-transferable credential that will have data such as their Puma number, position, home club, date, place and rival of their debut.

 “ It is a pride to be able to provide from the UAR a place to all those players who have represented us so well. I hope you can get the most of them closer. And enjoy the great show that is the Super Rugby Staff. And obviously from Los Pumas. Their delivery has always been noteworthy and this is one of the ways to thank them.”  Marcelo Rodríguez, president of the Argentine Rugby Union said.

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