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The retirement of Burruchaga, Maradona's eternal partner

22 years passed from that boy who decided to give up professional football. Former Independent player, but most of all legend in the National Team.

On a day like today, but in 1998, Jorge Burruchaga  hung his old black  boots  , those that a lapel covered the laces and seemed never to break. hung the booties that stepped on hard in  Mexico  in that remembered  world,  where with his goal he gave the country his second star in the shirt. Commemorated for having excellent matches and for making one of the most important goals in national history and also for being the partner participating in the history of  Diego Maradona  in the national team.

It is common to think that to have the best player in the world you have to be champion of any competition that is played and always be up to the situation.  Football  is more difficult than just having the best player, it's not enough just that. It is not enough even to have the best 11 in the world playing for your side, because there is always a set of things that must be possessed for your team or country to become champion. Some of these elements are having a good share of chance, a coach with a game philosophy that suits the team and above all, the world stars, have to possess an  accomplice  on the playing field.  A sidekick . That player who bites tirelessly waiting for the deep ball that never ends coming. But at the same time it is always there, waiting, observing the entire area and with a focused zoom, in this case Diego  Maradona .

A fundamental player on the court

Burruchaga was a very functional player in that remembered World Cup in  Mexico 86 , he contributed much to the collective game entering within the initial 11 all the matches of the competition. If we talk about team play, the most important interventions of Burruchaga were 4, of which 3 happened with Maradona and sometimes extremely important. We started with the front he put in by group stage against Bulgaria, after Diego threw a center, which was more than a center pass to the head. In the decisive phase of the tournament, precisely in the semifinal, he places a deep pass almost reaching the small area for his colleague and master of this sport to define above the goalkeeper. The connection between the two was remarkable and was beginning to give results.

The duo “wonder”

In the final against  Germany , Burru provides a center that manages to connect  Jose Luis Brown and thus open the score of the match.Of course, the goal scored near the close of the match was the most magnificent and epic situation of all. The ten was surrounded by German  t-shirt  with his head raised and ball dominated, filtered without disheveling a beautiful pass at the feet of young Burru, who as usual always stung, stopped; the ball and set out to run at maximum speed, carrying the flag flaming on his mast. When he found himself hand in hand with the German goalkeeper, he finished the play with a definition dotted to the side that managed to embed himself in a corner of Harald Schumacher's bow. The association  Maradona-Burruchaga  was definitely a success that raised both races in the history of Argentine football. They managed to leave the country high, each contributing their own and unifying the individual qualities to express them collectively on the playing field, as two  good partners .

This is how we remember the retreat of one of the most important players in the history of Argentine sport, who 22 years ago decided to hang the booties and together with them is hooked with dust a goal that gave a World Cup to  Argentina .

Rating: 4.50/5.