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The Renaissance of Tucuman Basketball

Tucuman basketball is experiencing a renaissance, with the longing to be that popular sport that was decades ago. We'll tell you what's coming.


Tucuman basketball, until not many decades ago, was one of the most important and popular sports. If today we talk about the Garden of the Republic in the sports field, we probably only mention Atletico Tucumán and San Martín, great local football players.

From the 1950s onwards, the basketball courts were full. It was the most important sport without a doubt. Even women's basketball matches were played on a full court. It was a family gathering sport.

Then that passion had a very strong sunset. It devaluation of the political class made holding that popular structure out Difficult. At the same time, the culture of football bounds and took that Throne of popularity. To understand the popularity of basketball Tucuman is only necessary to walk in that province. Every five blocks, and such Once less, we'll find a basketball court, or its remains.

But Tucuman basketball is going through a stage of reconstruction. The momentum given by the golden generation is fundamental. The families are returning to the courts, the preparation of equipment is different. Tucumán fights with important aspirations in every regional tournament or national in which it participates.

Prosecrated names and on the way

The winning presence of Lucas Victoriano as part of the golden generation was a great boost. Today the great history of Tucuman basketball is in the hands of young Tomás Allende. Young man who is taking his first steps and has already obtained calls and awards for his talent.

Tucumán, home of giants

Tucuman basketball has always had it all, and now he's cultivating it again. A double or a triple is lived in the Garden with such passion that it received the Argentine national team on numerous occasions, including the Globetrotters. These matches were held at the Villa Luján Stadium, one of the most important of the country's artistic and sports culture, after Luna Park. Stadium that deserves a history apart from Tucuman basketball.

Publication Date: 05/02/2020

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