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The reality of Cordovan women's football

Players who put money and little call. The struggle to achieve more visibility in Cordoba's women's football. What are the drawbacks?


2019 was a special year for women's football in Argentina. The team had a historic performance at the World Cup in France , adding its first two points and achieving 8 rating points on Public TV.

In Córdoba, the reality is far from enjoying those achievements. The decision of the Executive Committee of the Cordobesa Football League to remove the requirement of presenting women's category generated several challenges. In many players are sowed doubt about whether a year next they were going to run out of place to play.

Before, women were bound to the fate of the men. The ascents and descents were determined by them, beyond the outcome they might achieve. Now too?

Once Liga Cordobesa decided to remove the obligation, each institution faced that moment in a different way. First, 11 clubs decided not to show up and many lost a place to play. Most choose the club in their neighborhood and where they don't have to make big mobility expenses to go for training.

How much more?

Different delegates said that the main drawback that their players face is the economicone. Getting a license costs approximately 2000 pesos. A lot of women's football teams should be paid their own coach, plus expenses every Saturday. Some can not even afford a bus ticket to move to the stadium or training. Every weekend, the destination is different and can even be outside the city. Thus, many clubs were complicated to introduce at least 11 players.

The Liga Cordobesa opted for a greater diffusion of women's football activities. Opened a Facebook page to publishresults, positions, and schedule. In addition, photos of most of the matches are shared there, as well as interviews with the players . Guadalupe Díaz, president of the Women's Table , said: “That gave us great visibility , but it's still not enough to add more audience. We try to ensure that each team is represented on our social networks.”


Publication Date: 25/11/2019

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