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The racket does not break: Franco Feitt joined the sad roster of players who admitted fixed matches

The singlist, who was listed in 2018 as 920 number in the world, was sanctioned for life by ITIA, a scandal that adds to the disappointing saga of players who enchastered the devalued purity of the sport.

Franco Feitt

From the inocultable purity that inspired that all-white costume of the first participants, to this dark present where novelties are a sanctioned player for life and several of his colleagues quickly eliminated in the first round of the Monte Carlo Open, the Argentinian tennis  currently does not win for scares. Beyond the great impact that the pandemic produces in the emotional for athletes, whether to play in the mythical places of the specialty without public, to the constant security measures that involve permanent swabbings, isolated behaviors and other determinations,  Tennis players  do not seem to live up to their responsibilities. Legends of this sport such as Raquel Giscafré, Ivanna Madruga, Ricardo Cano or Carlos Gattiker today seem, compared to the current representatives of our country, fantastic members of the first Patriotic Triumvirate, thanks to an impeccable behavior and their predisposition to give their best to the best rivals from different parts of the world. Being news during these last hours by a player sanctioned for life, or several participants eliminated in the first round of the tournament in the mythical principality, contrast with those times in which Argentine tennis had become unaccustomed to its followers to triumph and titles.


There are no longer permanent wins, but some occasional spasms when a player amidst the unevenness that world activity presents, reaches an unexpected achievement in the midst of forgettable weeks for the top ten in the ranking.  Juan Martín del Potro  in the last five years, interestingly, was more news from the unusual side of sports medicine thanks to its infinite sequel of operations on the knee or wrist, than for those t& iacute; titles that at the time reached without disneinating. The coup de grace of a present where the negative is triumphant in front of the isolated samples of recovery, poked in recent hours with an embarrassment of unobjectionable dimensions. Argentinian  tennis  , today a specialty where things undulate in an astonishing irregularity, incorporated in this week one more stain, with a news that on Tuesday shook everyone. The investigation and its possible outcome were generating a bubble that was embodied this Tuesday, just on Tuesday the 13th with its connotations on luck, when the International Agency for Tennis Integrity (ITIA) announced Franco Feitt's lifelong suspension. This 28-year-old born in Río Gallegos who ranked 920 in the ATP ranking, received the worst possible penalty when this entity suspended him for life. This penalty had as its origin what has been analyzed in recent years. Feitt was expelled from this sport after admitting multiple cases of matchmaking between 2014 and 2018, as expressed by the official statement of the former TIU (Tennis Integrity Unit), an organ created in 2007, an audit institution that operates governed by the seven power structures of tennis international, namely the International Tennis Federation (ITF), ATP, WTA and the four federations of the Grand Slam tournaments.


Franc Feitt


Franco Feitt had been investigated for several years and the punishment received by the player becomes the biggest penalty for an Argentine tennis player, having repeatedly violated the ITIA Anti-Corruption Program. The tennis player from Río Gallegos not even on his side in black humor can boast of being the first to be sanctioned for this kind of behavior, because already in 2018 Nicolás Kicker were suspended (three years; strong penalty reduced to two years and eight months), Patricio Heras (three years) and Federico Coria (two months for not reporting an attempted bribery). For these hours the santacruceño player received the opaque novelty while he occasionally plays as one of the numerous coaches at the Ad in Tennis Academy. Operating in Barcelona, where unsuspected Argentine Marco Trungelliti trains regularly, just the tennis player who denounced the gambling mafias, the shock struck hard, but what caught the attention most to researchers was the large number of matches with results & quot; strangers” that occurred during the time linked to the investigation into Franco Feitt; a situation that his colleagues felt will end as it happened, but not with a lapidary professional sanction. The devastating statement issued by ITIA was replicated by the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT), something that obviously surprised specialists, when in previous cases of suspension the mechanisms were limited only to the audit institution. The penalty came while Feitt was in Monastir, a narrow women's youth tournament where he accompanied junior players Zoi Spyrou (Greece) and Mihaela Djakovic. On tour in Tunisia he trained Bruno Pujol, but at the same time participated in doubles with Franco Agamenone, another player punished with a ten-month suspension back in December 2019, after having tested positive in an anti-doping control with hydrochlorothiazide and metabolite in his body.


ITIA received a total of 23 alerts on suspicious matches between January and March of the current season, where unusual betting indicators showed some probability about something inappropriate. The alerts issued are recorded to follow up, understanding that an alert is not the concrete evidence of the arrangement of a match, but the strong thing is that with the sanction to Feiit, there are already eight players who in the current season were suspended between men and women during 2021, something lapidary about the behavior of these characters, behavior that would result in new sanctions over the course of the year. As detailed in ITIA's extensive official statement, Franco Feitt committed violations of different caliber. Five shortcomings were noted regarding the regulations in Section D.1.b., which states that “no person covered may, directly or indirectly, devise or attempt the outcome or any other aspect of any event”. The report shows that there were three other violations in section D.1.e:, an item where “no person covered, directly or indirectly, will solicit or facilitate any player who does not use their best efforts in any event.” The devastating and eloquent report shows that one more infringement occurred on section D.2.a., in which it marks that “on occasion any player will be approached by anyone who requests the player to influence the outcome or any other aspect of any event, or provide information about the player. or privileged, it shall be the player's obligation in that case to report such incident to ITIA as soon as possible, even if money, benefit or consideration is not offered or discussed.”


Franc Feitt


The controversial and controversial santacruceño player Franco Feitt is 28 years old and is from the city of Río Gallegos, there in the Argentine south, athlete who was trained at the time by Juan Pablo Brzezicki, race in which he came to be in the 920 position as the best position. oacute; n reached in the ranking of singlists. In recent years he also dedicated himself to playing doubles, an activity in which he was number 517 of the specialty worldwide. The Argentine participated in a UTR Pro Tennis Series tournament held in Barcelona in early 2021, without too many successes, but now with what happened, the world or more precisely his illegal conduct began to take its toll in the most forceful way. The truth is that this penalty denotes that Franco Feitt was expelled for life from the circuit, he will no longer be able to play or witness any event of any of the sports associations, as well as a ridiculous fine of 25 thousand dollars, which must be the least bothered him about the penalty.


What happened with Feitt is not the beginning of a dark road, but the pathetic paving of a path formerly “built” with the embarrassing behaviors of other supposed figures of this sports specialty. Already in 2009 Guillermo Cañas was in the spotlight of analysts, suspected in Zagreb of a possible match arrangement, after having fallen against Spaniard Antonio Veic, number 255 in the world, after being up 6-4 and 2-1. During those hours, the well-known British bookmaker Betfair momentarily suspended the payout of bets for that match, which had a very sharp variation when Cañas won. The episode was not the first of that Argentine player, as Cañas received two years of suspension, a penalty applied in August 2005 when he was found in the urine remains of the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide, a punishment that a few months later was reduced allowing him to return to the courts a few months after such punishment. It should also be remembered that before the episode with Guillermo Cañas as the protagonist of this inadequate social behavior, Argentine tennis had already had to regret similar episodes with  tennis players  Juan Ignacio Chela, Martin Rodriguez, Guillermo Coria and Mariano Puerta. In 2018 the context of scandals found player Nicolás Kicker affected by the arrangement of two matches, circumstances in which his young colleague Federico Coria was also affected, who did not report the concrete attempt to fix a match, times where four other tennis players were involved in more than a hundred parties investigated.


The paperones did not stop when the sequence continued with different alternatives in a suspected environment, especially when Guillermo Cañas finally left the professional activity and appeared in July 2015 as a simple paddle player, while all those media took advantage of the situation to remind him of that scandal he had been involved in years before. Accompanied by the American businessman Waine Boche, the Argentine singlist changed the racket for a smaller palette, times when he went out to say in the locality and Mallorca the laconic phrase “the pelotita is the same”, as if nothing had happened in his disturbed professional career. The other case of these characteristics that caught attention was during 2018, when player Guido Pella was suspected of similar behaviors. After losing a lengthy match with German Meter Gojowczyk in a distressing tie break of the third set, confrontation with the 108th player in the ATP 250 world rankings, our country's singlist did not remain silent to those who accused him of going less in that match. “Too bad how many horrible messages I'm getting on my account, so far it's 45 messages, I've been telling them. I ran on the court 135 minutes and no one else than me there wanted to win, I always run and play to win, obviously they're all bettors, but it would be nice if you don't mess with my family, mess with me”, was the message that this player transmitted from his Twitter account.


The present of the ascending Argentine tennis for these months appears quite complicated and reasons are left for such discomfort. The powerful growth he showed in the courts Diego Schawartzman, recently seemed affected by some inconsistencies of the tenacious singlist, situations that surprisingly marginalized him from certain tournaments in which he was expected to reach greater instances. The rest of that generation that accompanied him in his outstanding evolution wanders without the logic regularity, times in which no one seems to take the post left by Juan Martín Del Potro, continually injured by different operations in his body, which slowly made his recovery a Prolonged ordeal that could have new adversities including some extra step through the operating rooms to sustain their potential recovery. In a rough panorama where the top ten seek in the European season consolidate a slow recovery, the news of Argentine tennis far from being focused on the matches of the top players, today seems to give up their space to scandals and renewed conflicts or adversities that circumscribe activity to a Minor place, without an indicative compass guiding the entire context of players who from 2018 to this part showed encouraging races around the world.

Publication Date: 16/04/2021

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