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The passion of volley: a team of friends

The group was no longer just a volleyball team, the affinity led us to share meetings with friends and family that transcended discipline.


I'm a football player, but volley also arouses passions...

I started playing in full adolescence and since then I have not stopped dreaming of the possibility of nailing it in the three-meter line. I started in school, trained and perfected in different clubs, aware that because of my height, I would not go very far. I played a good number of years, until one day I stopped training.

Years passed and as an adult, I went to live in Pilar, in a closed neighborhood. Until one day I read in a sports supplement that there was an intercountry tournament and that registration was open. I contacted and was recommended to go to a neighborhood near my house that had equipment and competed. So I played again, tested myself and was selected in the squad of a tournament of players of our category, over 35 years old.

We did well, but at the time the group disarmed and obviously two or three were looking forward to more. I summoned them and started a new group. A team that used the facilities in my neighborhood; we bought nets, balls and other materials. We got a squad of 18 former players and took a DT. We competed again and began to win everything: local tournaments, zonals, we traveled inland to culminate in the most important Marplantense tournament of our category and we came out champions!

The group was no longer just a volleyball team, the affinity led us to share meetings with friends and family that transcended discipline.

Still, we went for more. We signed up for FMV (Metropolitan Volley Federation), they audited the stadium and approved it in a lung job. We started the competition and started at First “C” and climbed up.

The following year, in the “B”, already in a surpassed level, we also managed to ascend, to meet first line teams, of the category Maxi Voley: Velez, Boca, River, Geba, Estudiante Porteño, Las Heras, among others... Although we were former players of small clubs as fans, none had managed to be professional and past our 40 years we climb fulfilling the dream of kids...

The showcases of our beloved Club La Lomada, exploded with trophies, glasses and unforgettable moments of a group of cute crazy people, who fulfilled their dream and recorded a friendship that even if time passes will be indestructible.

Publication Date: 15/05/2018

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By: Camila 10 December, 2018

Querías saber cómo hacer para anotarme para jugar voley femenino

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