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Rosario's most famous madman

In Rosario, crazy Marcelo Bielsa is synonymous with football. A very particular character, emblem of Newell's Old Boys. A real idol.

Crazy Bielsa will always be remembered as  one of the great technical directors  of the  Argentine national team . Like all subsequent to Basile, who won two Copas America, he did not win any major titles, other than the gold medal of the 2004 Athens  Olympic Games  . Above, under his command, we turned from the World Cup in Germany 2006 in the first round, in  one of the most painful experiences  that is remembered, since, in the Qualifiers, Argentina had razed. Ortega, Veron, Crespo, Batistuta. They were scary. The technician's style, dizzying, excited.

Before and after the  selection , the madman had very outstanding experiences as technical director. The most important thing in our country was  to have won his beloved  Newell's Old Boys champion . Since that moment it is total idol in Rosario.

In recent years, it was characterized by choosing difficult challenges. Take teams that needed to peel off from the bottom of the table or  claim better past . He barely got no titles, but left indelible marks in every club he went through. He is considered a real master by the players he had to lead. Off the court, he has endless  anecdotes that justify his nickname .

 Tight biography 

At his current 64 years, he is now in charge of English Leeds United, and as a footballer, beyond having integrated youth teams, his time for Newell's,  Instituto de Córdoba  and Argentino de Rosario was without penalty or glory. He scored a single goal, from his debut in 1976 to his premature retirement in 1980. He played less than 100 official matches.  When he left the courts he put a newspaper and magazine kiosk  in Rosario.

His unforgettable career as DT de Newell's began in 1982, in the lower ones. His work there was excellent. They say, looking for  talent  in Argentina, he traveled 25,000 kilometers.

His great work led him to lead the first team where  he achieved what no one : three national titles between 1990 and 1992. From there, his idolatry in the leper fanatical is total.

After a step through Mexico, where he also stood out for the formation of young talents, he arrived in   Vélez Sarsfield   in 1997 to obtain  another very remembered championship in 1998.  

Thus came the aforementioned chapter at the head of the  national team.  After those unforgettable years, it was his great moment with  Chile, taking the team to the World Cup , after two editions outside, and preparing what would later be the best Chile of all time.

 Athletic Bilbao , Olympique de Marseille, Lille from France and current Leeds, in the English second division, complete Bielsa's technical career. In none of these clubs he won titles, but  the label left by El Loco  on each team, is indelible.

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