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The missionary who ravases mountain biking

Paula Quirós is a missionary and is dedicated to mountain biking. It integrates the Argentine team and is number 1 in the national ranking.


Missionary Paula Quirós has soon become the pride of missionary and Argentine  sport  . With 29 years of age and a dedicated life in mountain biking, he has triumphed in multiple international competitions. Currently, he  integrates the Argentine  national team and is number 1 in the national ranking.

 This year he was looking to reach the  Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020  as a representative of Argentine mountain  biking   . “The goal was to get well this year, run in Brazil, then the Pan American San Juan. I talked to my coach that it's time to put my head in the freezer, it's hard to handle it,” Paula said. The  missionary  is focused on continuing this path of results with two great victories against Agustina Apaza. His direct rival in the fight for a square in Tokyo.

 A life dedicated to cycling 

Paula was born in the city of Apóstoles,  Misiones , and since the 6 is dedicated to mountain biking. He is part of the Gili Bike school, which belongs to experienced Mendoza cyclist Ignacio Gili. His coach defines Paula Quirós as “a great fighter, with a very strong heart”

 Despite the fact that the apostoleña is among the best 30 cyclists in the world, she performs her activity in a pure lung . Her expenses are covered with her particular work as an architect. Also, with the official racing cash prizes that serves you to travel and keep your  bike . After each race, the bike must be subjected to rigorous control and maintenance work. “We have to make service, disarm it completely in the transmission area. Changes, chain, sprocket, everything where water and mud can enter,” explained the runner.

Despite the recent creation of the  Mountain Bike Missionary Association , Paula continues to “bank” her own expenses. “I don't have scholarships or anything like that from the province.” However, he acknowledged that the existence of the Association helped to facilitate the procedures. Before, I had to do everything in a particular way.

 A race full of successes 

Last year, the missionary won 28th place in the World Mountain Biking Championship. The competition was held at the Mont Sainte Anne circuit in Quebec, Canada. Thus, the  apostole turned out  to be the best Argentine ranked, ahead of Sofía Gómez Villafañe and Agustina Apaza.

Also, he took first place in the International Mountain Biking Cup. The tournament, held in March, took place in Araxá, state of Mina Gerais, in Brazil. If we continue this way, this 2020 will be another year of great success for the missionary cyclist.

Paula Quirós

Images:  Paula Quirós 

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Publication Date: 09/05/2020

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