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The missionary who flies with her bike around the world

Her name is Analia Zechariah. He is a representative of the BMX freestyle nationwide. We tell you about the pirouettes he does with his bike abroad.


As most know BMX is a  sport  that is practiced with bicycles. In freestyle or freestyle, the goal is to perform stunts. It can be an extreme sport if you do not use proper safety such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads. The idea is to encourage you to fly. Not as much as a plane, but enough to feel  dizzy .  Posadeña Analía Zacharias is among the top 12 in the world who are dedicated to this . With only 13 years of experience, your bike has a lot of  mileage  in various countries around the world.

 Pirouetting outside the country  

“2019 was spectacular for me because I was able to travel the Olympic qualifying year. I spent three months in Europe competing and I did super well in France, Croatia, Austria, Belgium,  Holland  and then Spain. It was amazing because in all these places I got good results, with second and third places,” said Analía. “ In Croatia I put myself to the test and jumped on a ramp that had a four-meter pit. And I did it!  I even beat the current world champion, that is very motivating,” the missionary added.

 The Tierra Colorada cyclist  was also in  China  , in the ICU World Cup. Analía had the opportunity to qualify for the Tokyo Games, but nerves betrayed him. “The night before I couldn't sleep anything because I knew I had to go super well,” he explained. During the test he suffered a fall in the second round and that prevented him from qualifying.

 2 ways to do things: China vs.  Argentina

Analía shares an anecdote that highlights sports differences  between China and Argentina . Last year Chinese cyclists were in 11th position, a place above Argentina. The most interesting thing is that the Orientals had begun to practice discipline just a year ago. Faced with China's little track record, Argentine cyclists had at least 10 years of experience in BMX.

“ It happens that China put them in a school for athletes and the preparation was 24 by 7. This means tailored training 24 hours, seven days a week . So that's amazing and these girls hadn't gotten on a bike before. One who has a trajectory of 13 years above the bike can not against that, they really surprise.”

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Publication Date: 13/06/2020

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