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The mendocino who wants to play in the first of the Bicho

He trained in Godoy Cruz. At 19 years old, in El Bicho he was already summoned to reserve matches. Lautaro is coming. We present it to you.

The striker   Lautaro Gaston Molina Gomez,   from 19 years,   look for a place in the first division of   Argentinians Juniors   .   The Mendoza player, who started in Godoy Cruz, was summoned in the Reserve in the matches against Banfield and San Lorenzo.

In addition, this   nine and centre-front   , which has as its reference to   Ronaldo Phenomenon   (the Brazilian) and the Uruguayan   Luis Suarez   , played a friendly in that category, the Bicho Reserve, against Douglas Haig.

Molina told him that   began in the lower divisions of     Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba Sports Club   and that, when he was in the seventh division, he landed in El Bicho colorado, Argentinos Juniors   .  

“At Tomba I went to try   archer   , I didn't like that position as I expected, I went to play central, a year a technician put me 9 and I didn't stop,” he said.

However,   still has many goals to meet   . “The   sleep   that I have as a player is first and main to get to Primera, then to be able to consolidate into a team and have minutes,” he said.

Lautaro is one of the privileged among the millions of boys who start playing football in our country,   with the dream of playing in first   :”   I want to make a career to have a well-being with the family   to form some day and live football,” he admitted.

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Lautaro Molina was born in Godoy Cruz on June 11, 2000, but   crio in     Guaymallen   .

When asked about how his family is integrated, he named his mother, María Cristina (50), and his great-grandmother Albina, 97. “My old man died when I was 5 years old,” he said.

Source:   Ovation Newspaper  

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