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“Lions,” outside

Germán Orozco's “Lions” fell to the world champions by 4 to 1. Argentina needed a point to qualify for the “Grand Final” but it was out.

Argentina depended on itself no matter what happened between Britain and New Zealand. With a draw against the Belgians, “The Lions” achieved the qualification for the “Grand Final” of the first edition of the FIH Pro League. However, they were left out after the  defeat  and after Britain defeated New Zealand 2-0.

Belgium took advantage in the first play, with Simon Gougnard's center and Cédric Charlier's detour. 1 to 0. At eight minutes, “Los leones” had the first fixed play, well solved by Juan Manuel Vivaldi. At 10 he achieved the first entry to the semicircle and the first frank archery at the archery by Matías Paredes. That Loic Van Doren covered up to drown the goal cry.

On the closing of the first quarter and after a collective play, Maxime Plnevaux stretched the difference with a cross hit. Lucas Martinez had his chance backwards, but the Belgian goalkeeper's response diluted the discount attempt.

In the second quarter Argentina settled better on the field and was able to gain meters in attack. He barely had a short corner three minutes from the break, executed by Leandro Tolini who was diverted by the first stick.

In the third quarter Belgium was lethal. At 34 minutes and after an overflow and center behind Nicolas Poncelet, Charlier appeared again for 3-0. At 43' and in the sixth fixed play, Felix Denayer stamped 4 to 0. Matías Rey had a clear opportunity, but he couldn't make it happen. In the last quarter, when five minutes were left and after a series of arc shots, Ignacio Ortiz got the discount to close the 1st to 4th final.


In their first participation in the FIH Pro League, “The Lions” won six victories. Netherlands (4-3), New Zealand (2-1), Spain (3-2), New Zealand (4-3), Great Britain (3-2) and Spain (3-2). He also equaled against Germany (3-3) and Holland (2-2) added to 0 to 0 against Germany, suspended due to bad weather conditions.

While “Los leones” did not achieve the goal with which they embarked on Europe, the team knows that the main goal is the Pan American Games in Lima. Qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Where the Olympic champions will seek to defend the precious medal won in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

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