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“Kamikaze” are gold in Rosario

Great national results in the South American Beach Games, obtained by “Las kamikaze”.

“The kamikaze”, called the Women's  Beach Handball  team, celebrated in a big way as they won the gold medal.

They defeated in the final 15-14, 13-16 and 7-6  nothing less than Brazil , against a large public frame. This was the first victory against the green cast amarelho, power in this discipline. The national goals were achieved by: Gisella Bonomi (12), Caterina Benedetti (5), Ivana Eliges (5), Agustina Mirotta (4), Carolina Ponce (4), Zoe Turnes (3) and Celeste Meccia (2). The bronze medal was held by Paraguay, who beat Venezuela 14-11 and 10-9.

For his part, the  men's team defeated Ecuador 2-0 , with partial 26-12 and 19-18, and finished in fifth place. The game was played in the worst weather conditions, but it was with joy for the Argentines.


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