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The horse they never tame lost his undefeated in Santa Rosa?

Learn about the incredible story of El Zorro, the indomitable horse of our country.

The events of history leave the name of many people engraved on fire. To a lesser extent,  many anecdotes have marked in the memory of the world the name of animals of all kinds . Travel to space, bizarre predictions, incredible rescues and sports feats, fill the pages of animal biographies.   In our country there is a  dressage  horse that is legend; loved by the crowd of riders around the country and hated by riders who could never tame it , El Zorro is one of the animals that most passions unleashed.

The Zorro's travels through the riderings Argentina led him to travel  82,000 kilometers,  crossing  eight provinces and summoning 25,000 spectators  in the same day. The equine awards throughout  the 157  rider matches he played  , gather 19 years of Reserved Special Prize . On December 28,  20 years were commemorated since the departure of Zorro , the  horse   who retired undefeated from the Argentine rider . However, there are testimonies that indicate that Zorro was once tame.

According to it, it was a  pamppean from  Santa Rosa  who managed the feat of beating the undefeated horse . At the beginning of this century, El Zorro was already a legend in the Argentine countryside.   Those who tried to tame it, did not last more than 3 seconds  (in fact, the average time of riders on their back, does not exceed 2.5 seconds).

  Zorro's alleged defeat occurred in Santa Rosa ; the testimonies are so contradictory that  the anecdote is doubtful and controversial.    Witnesses indicate that the rider cheated and others celebrated that day for the fall of the undefeated equine  . Zorro's owner and friend,  Omar Pasarotti, laments to this day of the departure of his champion horse.  So much is the affection he had  for him, that when asked about this supposed stain, he defends his horse to death : “El Zorro retired undefeated because no one should beat him.  The time he was said to have lost, he was cheated . It was in 1991, in Santa Rosa, La Pampa. The horse fell because  when the rider was upstairs, he turned it over . The photos show how he was thrown into his hut so that he does not squeeze it and there he turns it over.  If the horse falls, he crushes it with his whole body . The tordillo got hurt, opened, wanted to raise his hands and could no longer, so  I swung on the rider to pull him away ,” Omar says firmly.

In addition, the native of the province of Buenos Aires, once commented that both he and El Zorro were judged in a bad way. The subject is more sensitive than that of the undefeated, as it contains a dead rider trying to tame the horse: “ It is true that Carlos Aristegui died in a rider on September 11, 1983, but that is not why El Zorro was a murderer.   The horse didn't kill him, he killed himself on the horse, which is very different. Aristegui killed himself by cheating, if he came walking about 80 meters, because he  tied himself to the stirrups . I have several pictures and  it is clear that they didn't get out of his stirrups and got hooked on the spur . And the tordillo with his head burst his chest and broke his leg. But nobody tells the truth about that afternoon, they say he kicked him and I'm a murderer. All lies”, regrets Passarotti.

 El Zorro is one of the animals that made history in our country ; hundreds of fans went to cry him to his bed and even a documentary was filmed in his honor, which can already be seen on YouTube.

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