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The former world champion selling gel alcohol

The Mendoza Pablo Chacón is a boxer, former world champion and today sells alcohol gel, among other products he offers in his place.


Pablo Chacón is the last great boxer to have given the province of Mendoza. Far from the giant figures that were Nicolino Locche or Pascual Pérez, but far above the many other pugilists who saw the birth of this land. Now, Pablo has become the world's former champion who sells gel alcohol, fractionated oil and pet food.

For years, Pablo Chacón has a gym in the department of Las Heras, his hometown. There he trains and prepares hundreds of young people who hope to achieve at least a part of what he achieved. Jonathan Barros or Juan Carlos Revecco are some of these examples. However, the gym of Chacón, like the rest of this type of establishments, was closed for almost 3 months, as a result of quarantine. And, to cope with an economic situation that got very complicated, the Olympic medalist in Atlantto 96decided to open a multicategory premises on the premises of its gym. Not so much for him, but, in reality, to help young people who work with him and who have seen their income resentment.

Athletes and merchants

The trade is located a few kilometers from the provincial capital, is attended by local athletes and managed by the children of the former boxer, 45 years old. Thus, Chacón became the world's former champion who sells gel alcohol. But not only that, it has also added other products such as pet food or edible oil, which it fractioned and distributed.

The Lasherino confessed that he had the idea of this venture for some time and that the quarantine was the ideal time to push it. The oil is packaged under the name “The Lightning”, one of the many nicknames that the Olympic medalist won.

In the gym there is a pension in which six coexist young boxers from Mendoza, Rio Black and Misiones, which inaddition to train are divided the tasks to attend and do the distributionof oil and pet food.

Back to the workouts

With support from the Argentine Boxing Federation and the sports area of the municipality of Las Heras,the training center of Chacón recently resumed the practices sportsin three shifts with professional boxers and amateurs under sanitary protocol.

A race full of triumphs

Chacónbecame world champion on June 16, 2001by beating Hungary's Istvan Kovacs by technical knockout in the sixth round in Budapest, andwinning the bronze medal in the

Publication Date: 27/06/2020

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