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“The Fivefold”

No one will be able to achieve what “The Fivefold” achieved, because of the technology, because of the important records. Beyond anyone else can win 5 championships.


Today marks one more anniversary of the birth of “The Fivefold”. The great Juan Manuel Fangio. The only one.

Between 1950 and 1957 he put 5 < a href =” https://www.serargentino.com/gente/el-corazon-de-argentina-late-en-el-ritmo-de-adornos' target = “_blank” rel = “noreferrer noopener” aria-label = "Between 1950 and 1957 he got 5 championships and 2 Formula 1 subchampionships. The only year he won nothing, was in 1952, because he did not compete. and part of '53 (in which he won 1 of the 2 subchampionships...). (opens in a new tab) "> championships and 2 Formula 1 subchampionships. The only year he won nothing, was in 1952, because he didn't compete. In Monza he stuck a stick that left him off the track all that year and part of '53 (in which he won 1 of the 2 subchampionships...).

Record man

Even today “The Fivefold” has some record that will be very difficult to beat. He is the longest-standing champion: his last championship achieved him at 46. The champion with the best win average. And the only one to win with four different teams. Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. His final numbers impress: 24 wins, 35 podiums, 29 pole and 23 fast laps, in 51 Grand Prix.

But the crazy thing, what puts his incredible figure in value, is that the motorsport just waited until Schumagger to take away the title of five-fold champion. I'm talking about technology. Just seeing the aerodynamics, the size of wheels and wheels... the zero technology, the brakes... in cars that ran beyond 250 miles an hour.

Well, you had to know how to drive. And having balls, obviously. They say “El Chueco”, his other nickname, had a secret. He set the ideal path and repeated it back after turn, to the millimeter. Whatever it is, it was unique. Biggest ever. Precisely because of the technology with which he achieved his triumphs.

“ El quintuple” ended his career in Argentina, in 1958, after he was kidnapped in Cuba. He had started at the TC, 1938, with a Ford. In '40 he moved to Chevrolet and was champion. He continued to compete until 1950 in local categories, preceding F1. In 1947 Perón supported him to go running to Europe. And it was the beginning of it all.

Illustration courtesy of Daniel Sonzini - www.12lapicesenv.com

Publication Date: 24/06/2020

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By: rodrigo 24 June, 2019

Sin lugar a dudas fue un gran campeón. Era una epoca donde todo era más simple, el nivel de riesgo era alto. Al igual que los peligros. Hoy la formula 1 es otra cosa. Los pilotos son atletas y técnicos - entender los volantes, el desgaste de los neumáticos, la aerodinamia y quien sabe que otra información contienen esos volantes. Yo compararía aquella epoca con la de ahora en lo que se refiere al espectáculo. Mas diversión!

By: Carlos 24 June, 2019

Como aporte, aclaro que la carrera deportiva de Fangio finaliza en Reims, Francia, el 6 de julio de 1958. El secuestro se produjo el 23 de febrero de ese año.

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