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The evening of the red ankle boots

We tell you what it was about the afternoon of red booties in Mendoza, in which Godoy Cruz faced Independiente Rivadavia.

The great classic of Mendoza football, by history, is Independiente Rivadavia vs. Gymnastics and fencing. However,  in recent years and, above all, during the 2000, the matches between Godoy Cruz and Independiente Rivadavia became classics . Both are teams that move crowds and have had good campaigns, with promotions, each in its category. But there was a couple of years where they agreed. That happened in the 2008 National B season. And when they clashed, the evening of the red booties came to life.

 On 17 May 2008, Godoy Cruz visited Independiente Rivadavia at Bautista Gargantini Stadium. The Tomba arrived well and with serious aspirations to ascend .  The match was tied 0 to 0, but in the halftime David “Fideo” Fernández entered for the visit. He came in and his red booties, no minor detail. Although those red booties had history before that game: “They stole our props, when we were focused. We had to go out and buy booties, bandages and shins. We went to a shopping mall and I liked the red F-50. At that time, colored ankle boots were not worn. But they worked for me, because in the first game in the Malvinas I was able to score two goals.” Comments the protagonist, consulted by the  press  team of  Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio To  m  ba .

A Dream Afternoon

And he continues to remember: “But, after other dates, we had to go to the Independiente court. We were doing a barbaric campaign. I got to go to the bank that afternoon and I had black booties. But    Godoy Cruz  's prop and my friend, Fernando Cámara, grab me and tell me to wear the reds. The prop man told me he had poured holy water on him and Fernando told me he had to score a goal with those red ankle boots.That's why I changed them in the halftime .  And when I walked in, there came a cross center, Marcos Barrera lowered it to me and pushed it. I thought there was offside, but the line ran into the middle of the court and that's where the world fell on me. I ran to a corner and the first thing I did was take out the red  ankle boots  and kiss them. I didn't do it to carry anyone.  It was a dream afternoon.After that game we settled for the promotion. ” 

This is how the 12th anniversary of an anecdote that the fans of the Express treasure deep in their hearts.

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