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The eternal hope of the garrocha

Garrocha jumper Germán Chiaraviglio started 2020 with three international titles. He was going to compete for the fourth time in the Olympic Games.

Germán Chiaraviglio

Every four years we Santafesinos are filled with the illusion that  a representative of ours will bring a medal  from the Olympic Games. Delfino and Nocioni achieved it in 2004, with the Golden Generation, Carranza in boating and Brunet in hockey in Rio. A few more got preseas and many others have been close. One of them is Germán Chiaraviglio,  the best jumper in  Santafesina history, and one of the best  athletes  in the country.

Germán started 2020 in the best way. Between January and February he was competing in several events organized under the indoor modality in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He brought three gold medals and marks close to 5 and a half meters. He ended those competitions without physical discomfort, which  filled him with hope for the Tokyo  Olympics   .

After his successes in Bolivia, the athlete said in statements to the media: “I have to play as many tournaments where I can compete.  I'm going for everything  that allows me to score points.”

 What points does Germán need? 

Chiaraviglio is in the 27th place in the world ranking of jumping with garrocha. The top 32 will go to the Olympic Games. The classification system is by minimum mark (5.80). Those who do not achieve it  can enter by ranking points , which weights three factors to award the ideal score: technical brand achieved, position obtained and category of the competition.

The  top five results of the last twelve months  will be averaged to get the world ranking out of the discipline.

While Germán's best historical brand was 5.75 m, which was given the silver medal at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, the Garrochista  already had outstanding Olympic performances , such as 11th place in Rio 2016.

Therefore, achieving the direct income brand sounds like a lot. But, with the ranking system, Germán is already inside. Hopefully he can continue to make a good preparation and the results of the previous championships will help you to reach the big event without problems, when the Olympic Games are finally held.

Chiaraviglio and his garrocha.

Publication Date: 12/04/2020

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