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The descended champion

Tigre is the descended champion and obviously the sensation of the Copa de la Superliga, after winning the final to Boca, in the Córdoba World Cup.

El campeón descendido

It's rare to see it: the descended champion. But that's what happened with Tigre. He descended from the Superliga championship and a month later he was crowned as the first Superliga Cup champion.

He did it on his own merit, playing really well. It may have influenced the change of coach to Pipo Gorosito. Surely.

And here's the crazy thing about football

He had to claim before CONMEBOL to let him play the Libertadores 2020. Because the regulations of that entity forbids a descended team from playing it. Which differs with the AFA regulation. There is more: it differs from that of the South American, which prohibits it more explicitly. Do you have to play? Of course you do. He made merits and won the championship that enables him. He's the descended champion, but finally champion.

Can a descended champion descend?

“The great argento” argues if yes or not. That he can't. That should. Now it looks like there's a never revised rule that would make Tigre not descend. I would do. We don't know. We're going to be three days to read a regulation. Or to negotiate?...

And the discussion about averages

If they correspond. If not. I think it's okay to have an average of the last three championships. Because condemning a team for a bad campaign is crazy. When River descended, it was for a short championship, in which he scored 14 points. That killed him, because in the following, if they had been direct descent, he wouldn't descend. He hung on the crossbar, but did not descend. And so we have the champion descended. It is also wrong for the ascending teams to participate in the relegation immediately. Because they're obliged to make 752 points in the championship. Or pray.

So, we mix everything

I think we need to study point by point. They can not be mixed. But we love to mix. We love to live stirred in a meringue and in the same mud all groped. Not realizing that it's not for us at all.

Publication Date: 04/06/2019

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