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AAT created the Commission on Women in Sport

As part of the first Meeting of the Year of the Women in Sport Commission — For Equal Opportunities, of the Argentine Olympic Committee, the Argentine Tennis Association officially formed the AAT Women in Sport Commission.

As part of the first Meeting of the Year of the Women in Sport Commission — For Equal Opportunities, of  the Argentine Olympic Committee, the Argentine Tennis Association officially formed the AAT Women in Sport Commission.  This initiative is in addition to that of eight other sports entities with the aim of continuing to work, from tennis in particular and for sports in general, for equal opportunities among all athletes in the country.

 The member and representative of women's professional tennis, Florencia Labat,  was present at the first meeting of the year that brought together more than 80 people, and presented the Commission that will be part of the Fed Cup captain Mercedes Paz and member of the Children's Commission, Florencia Molinero. 

“Today I am very happy to present us, because finally in the Argentine Tennis Association we formed the Commission on Women in Sport, which for now will integrate three former players but of course will grow. We are eager to start working in coordination with the COA and the women's commissions of other sports will help us grow and achieve the goals we propose,” he said.

In addition, during her presentation Labat presented in Commission - and then personally handed over to Commission President Patricia Sangenis and COA Vice-President Alicia Masoni de Morea - the 2019-2025 Women's Tennis Programme launched by the AAT  with the aim of strengthening and developing this area in our country.

“For a year we have been working hard to develop women's tennis, which  is having a lot of problems  and that is why we created a long-term program. I give them to you so that together we can share ideas and, among all, improve what everyone does,” she proposed.

The President, Dr Sangenis, said about the accession of the AAT to the Sports Commission and the creation of its own committee: “I would like to thank Florence very much, as well as Mecha Paz, and also its entire board of directors. Because we have been working on this idea of creating the Commission for many years and it was not the case. This is to have the support of the managers, who from the outset said 'let's create it'. We are very happy, really.”

And he concluded: “I'm excited to see how  we are becoming more and more , because many times we sent invitations and they were in a drawer. To form a Women in Sport commission in each Association is one of the main objectives.  So we're going to get to the whole country , and not just on our territory. Argentina is already a global point and example in working on Women in Sport, they are watching us all over the world.”

Lastly, Labat said that the Commission will officially start working in conjunction with the COA and that it will continue to develop the objectives already proposed in the Women's Tennis Programme 2019-2025. During the rest of the meeting, the actions and thematic axes that will be addressed during this year were presented.

In addition, the  International Protocol against Abuse and Harassment in Sport was officially presented, a document prepared by IOC, with the collaboration of Argentina, among other member countries. On the end, Dr. Sangenis held an exhibition on Hyperandrogism; High Testosterone in Athletes; Don Natural or Sports Injustice, as part of a comprehensive training program.

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