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The 25 best phrases from Maradona

Diego Maradona's phrases are already part of the Argentine popular imaginary. Today we want to tell you what their 25 best phrases are.


 Diego left and left us a lot of things.  He left us glories, immeasurable joys, unrepeatable goals, some sorrows. Diego represented us around the world, on and off the court.  There's nothing more Argentinean than Maradona . With good and bad, his name is synonymous with our country, and it is not for less: in it he knew how to condense the Argentine being into all its splendor. That is why it is undoubtedly  the most important popular idol in our entire history . That's why its magic transcends football.

Argentines are the most staunch defenders of our country and, at the same time, its greatest detractors. That duality in which we are constantly immersed, those two poles between which we fluctuate, inhabit  Maradona .It's an icon of what  argentinity means. With his irreverent style and the certainty of knowing himself unimputable, throughout his life he was leaving us  phrases  that we use daily. Because Diego, he just  didn't care what they're going to say. 

Loved by some and hated by others, what   Diego  Maradona  represents for Argentines goes far beyond what he did inside the court. Charismatic and controversial, his figure says a lot about who we are and what — perhaps — we don't want to be. His phrases — always ingenious — are already  part of the Argentine popular imaginary.  By the unexpected, the strict and the unusual. Diego had no hairs on his tongue. Diego said what he had to say, whoever liked him. And we were grabbing the words he was throwing into the wind and made them our own.

Today we want to tell you what are the  25 best  phrases  of Diego Armando Maradona: 

  1. “ I was wrong and paid, but the ball is not smudged.”

  2. “ Pelé debuted with a kid... and hit the jermu.”

  3. “ When I entered the Vatican and saw all that gold, I became a fireball.”

  4. “ Grondona escaped the turtle.”

  5. “ You too, Pasman, you have it inside too.”

  6. “ My legs were cut off.”

  7. “ Getting to the area and not being able to kick the bow is like dancing with your sister.”

  8. “ To Toresani, Segurola and Havana 4310, seventh floor. Let's see if it lasts for 30 seconds.”

  9. “ If it is empty, let it be filled, because xeneize fans cannot be betrayed” (about Juan Román Riquelme).

  10. “ I thought Berlusconi was coming and I met the báez cartonero” (referring to Mauricio Macri).

  11. “ I went, am and will be a drug addict.”

  12. “ The leaders of Boca are more fake than a celestial dollar.”

  13. “ Pity anyone.”

  14. “ Playing without an audience is playing inside a graveyard.”

  15. “ Coppola is very vivid. Smoke under the water.”

  16. “ With my illness I gave advantages. Do you know what player I would have been if I hadn't taken drugs?“.

  17. “ Grondona lied to me, Bilardo betrayed me.”

  18. “ The first goal to England? It was God's hand. I offer a thousand apologies to the English, really, but I would do it again once and a thousand times. I stole their wallet without them noticing it, without them blinking.”

  19. “ Whatever happens and directing whoever runs, shirt number 10 will always be mine.”

  20. “ I'd give an arm to be a team technician again.”

  21. “ Many times they tell me 'You are God, 'and I say 'they're wrong.' God is God and I'm just a football player.”

  22. “ Messi has no personality to be a leader.”

  23. “ My dreams are two. My first dream is to play in the World Cup and the second is to come out Eighth champion and whatever remains in the East championship.”

  24. “ I never wanted to be an example.”

  25. “ I grew up in a private neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Private of electricity, water, telephone...”.

Publication Date: 25/11/2020

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