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Striped: historical and champions

The girls from Rayadas were crowned softball champions. Thus, they closed a perfect season, after being absent for a while.

Softball had an excellent 2019, in Mendoza. Great participation in both men and women. But in the girls there was an exceptional case.   Mendoza 's oldest team, Rayadas, won the last tournament of the year, Clausura.  The club, which dates back to the 80's and which merged with players from the UNCuyo after being almost a year away from the competition, got to charge and managed to be crowned in a new edition. They played  an exciting final against Montserrat, champions of the Apertura tournament.

 In Rayadas they stood out, in the batting, Fabiana Herrera with a 4-4-3 (Turn-Base-Tickets) and Rosana Mateo with a 3-3-2 (Turn-Base-Tickets). While in Montserrat did Alejandra Stahlschmid, who was the author of the only career of Wasels.

 Thus, Rayadas was able to recover his power in the last half of the year. They added a new local title and go for more. Montserrat will seek rematch this year, to regain the glory, that they got at the Apertura.

The growth of sport

 After an intense 2019, Mendoza softball gave signs of growth. Its four teams (those mentioned, Capital and Banco Mendoza) have been projecting not only from the competitive, but also in the training. Since this sport came to light — although it always existed its practice in our provincial — new generations come. Clubs are planting with youth newbies, so a more prosperous future is expected. 

In this way, the expectation for this year is very large. A good organization from the  partnership  that brings together the activity, combined with some international  titles  that served as stained glass for the discipline, make the world of bat and ball excited. The idea is to go little by little, think about discipline growing in its two branches and climbing places among those amateur and unrecognized sports, but with high results and a lot of sacrifice.

Rating: 3.00/5.