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Salta Volley won on the desk

The leadership of the Salta Volley franchise was recognized in Salta for its participation and screening in the A2 League. We tell you what the prize is about.

  Jump Volleyball   won at the desk. It is not a chicana or a mockery: the leadership of the club was recognized and rewarded for its results.   La Linda   lived his sport party rewarding the most outstanding athletes. On this occasion, not only those who compete on the court were rewarded, but also those who are on the desk.

The “Leadership of the Year” award was awarded to   Jump Volleyball   . The Volleyball Association retained the square left by Central Norte in the A2 League. This league is the most important in the rise of Argentine volleyball. Salta Volley is a franchise that was quickly assembled to compete in the square left by the other team.

With a lower budget than the rest of the competitors and the emergencies of a new team, Salta Volley made a good tournament. He ensured the stay in the category, so next season will again dream of a promotion. The   squad   seeks to reinforce the experience of players trained in different clubs in the province.

The A2 League, where Salta Volley will compete again, will change its name and will be renamed the Argentine Club Tournament. Salteños already have rivals for their next season in Zone 1 of the competition. Tucumán de Gimnasia and Instituto Pellegrini (Tucumán), Police Formosa and Regatas de Corrientes will share the league group with Salta Volley.

The experience gained in their first participation and the leadership recognition of the franchise motivates   salteños   . Salta Volley is a project that is taking its first steps. The work that has been done so far seems to have laid good foundations in the Salteño combined.

  Competition mode  

The competition model will be all against everyone, but the   classification   The top four will make it. The best in each zone will compete in three triangular ones that will deliver to the semifinalists of the tournament that will have the Salta's illusions in Salta Volley.

Rating: 4.00/5.