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Santa Fe-Coronda: controversy about the most beautiful marathon in the world

Ex-swimmer Diego Degano is an idol in Santa Fe, so he did in a famous international marathon. But what he said recently was controversial.

If there is anyone who is an authoritative word, when talking about the Santa Fe-Coronda Marathon, it's Diego Degano . The Santafesino was one of the great competitors of the most beautiful in the world, as swimmers call it. So when he says something about this race, everyone listens carefully. But what he said this time was very surprised. And it even generated controversy.

The exmultiple champion said that we should think of a 10-kilometer test instead of the Santa Fe-Coronda Marathon we are talking about someone who won three times the competition: 93, 92 and 88. That  is why it has sufficient authority to refer to the present and future of the open water test.  

It's worth clarifying: Degano said what he said in an interview in which he began clarifying that Santa Fe-Coronda was everything for him. The guy acknowledges that, as of today, he's still giving interviews for what he did in the marathon. And all, he said that we Santafesinos are going to have to resign ourselves to accept that the cimpetence  was part of a beautiful sports history at the provincial and world level. A nice story that's not going to be repeated . Yes. Diego argued that this is inevitable and that even he himself supports that so be it.

Faced with the reality that the last editions could not be made. Faced with a global trend of “cutting” the distance of such events. First of all that, Degano argued that the mythical competition should, too , be replaced by another minor race.  

They jumped as porororated the Coronda authorities. It is that this town, after the production of strawberries, lives largely from this meeting .

A lot of swimmers also went out to answer the local idol.

 Tradition vs. trend?  

The truth is that sport evolves, how life evolves. And open water swimming evolves like everything does in sport. In the 1960s, Santa Fe came with the tradition of Pedro Candioti , man against nature. Then another phenomenon appeared like Carlos Larriera, which marked a transition from solitary challenges to long distance marathons. That lasts almost fifty years. But in 2008, the decision was made that open water swimming become part of the Olympic activity. With this, the long marathons were disappearing, being replaced by other shorter races. Degano claims that  the long-breath marathon circuit went off naturally. And Santa Fe-Coronda is suffering it today . Even, because of natural circumstances, he swam in a reduced version in its last edition.

That's why Diego says we have to make a decision and I talked about this with Marcelo at some point, we even thought about bringing some 10 km test here to Santa Fe. He believes that such a challenge is necessary for Santa Fe to remain a global reference in open water. Maintaining such a long, unique competition in the world is for him, precisely, to be swimming against the current.

Also, according to the opinion of this ex-swimmer, the pressure for Argentines to swim this test was great year by year. And it puts them to the test, with high risk of injury, in the middle of multiple world tours.

However, being consulted by Degano's statements,  almost all current athletes were forceful:  Santa Fe-Coronda has to continue.

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