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Cordoba Rugby: total protagonist

Felix Páez Molina, president of the Cordovan Rugby Union, took stock and advanced what will be the South American League. Cordoba Rugby sweeps.


 Felix Páez Molina  speaks passionately, with conviction, with emphasis.  The president of the  Cordobesa Rugby Union   is pleased with what is coming for the Cordoba rugby. Páez Molina knows that the oval never stops and expresses each project, fulfilled or unfulfilled.

 What are the results of the Rugbistic Year of Cordovan? 

It was intense. He finished with a very even,  very competitive First Division championship. That allowed us to reach  the Interior Tournament  winning a place, which for us is very important. Because for this year, Córdoba will have four seats in Interior A. And a share of sadness which we could not have a greater participation in the   National Club  .

 In the Primera tournament, the closing was more positive than last year. 

In every way, it was a great party in Alta Gracia. With lots of turnout, lots  of good level rugby , and above all quiet on and off the court.

 In this positive balance they include the historic presence of four Cordobese with Los Pumas in the World Cup in Japan.   

Sure, that talks about a job that's been done for six years. At the end of 2013, in Córdoba began to work on a strategic plan. One of the objectives was to have more presence at the national level. Today we find that Córdoba has four players in Los Pumas, five in Pumas 7 and one coach in the  national teams .

 Has it been possible to encolumnate all the rugby in Cordoba or is there an outstanding debt? 

The 2020 plan was a success, almost all of the objectives we set ourselves back in 2013 were met. One of them was  to unite the rugby of Cordoba . The plan is directed by the direction of rugby in Cordoba. With regard to the game, four Pumas, five in sevens, a coach, the women's rugby... today Córdoba is the most developed in women's rugby and with many projects for next year.

 One of the objectives was to bring rugby throughout the province, was it fulfilled? 

Totally, we've been very aware of that. In 2014 there were 22 clubs in the Union Cordobesa and  today there are more than 70.  Rugby is played in almost every city.

 If we have to talk about points on which we still have to improve... 

One is that. The development of clubs, especially in the middle strip. Today we have a well-constituted Super 8 or Super 9. But after 10, 11, 17 or 18 where the Union must have much more presence than now. So you can have tomorrow a Super 12 a Super 16 very even, very competitive.

 And the selected ones? 

The Argentino de Mayores has not been played for two years. With some unions we are trying to generate windows for 2020 so matches can be played again. For us the Dogo brand is important. In 2018, with the Doguitos we had a great year, we left runners-up.

 What are the prospects for this year? 

Cordoba has to be the protagonist in everything. This year, he must be champion. Cordoba is currently the second union in the country. We must continue to be professionalized in each area, the Union is healthy, but  we must continue to work a lot .

 And the South American League? 

It's not official, but rather on track...

 What does it mean for rugby de Córdoba? 

It is a  vote of confidence  by the Argentine Union  towards Córdoba , to believe that we can carry out a process like this. It will be a shorter tournament with a different level because they are countries in South America. But it's still a  challenge  for us. It will be played next year, with Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Colombia.

 How do you have to get strong, henceforth? 

The 2020 project concludes, a plan that was thought from amateurism, with the objectives achieved. It fills us with satisfaction and pride. We have to think about the next five years. The big challenge is  to achieve that finite balance  between professional and amateur rugby. Leaders must sustain amateurism with all force. Amateurism and professionalism can coexist and grow both.

So all 2020 bets go to Rugby Cordoba. Come on Cordobeses!

SOURCE:  Mundo D 

Publication Date: 07/02/2020

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